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Top 3 Reasons Why The Toronto Raptors Will Play In The NBA Finals


The Toronto Raptors have been on a roll all season long, and even though nobody gave much for him to start the season, they’ve been the most consistent team and currently rank 2nd in the Eastern Conference while only trailing the Celtics by a game.

Also, Toronto made a huge statement with a great win at home against Boston, also winning 7 of their last 10 and posting quite a dominant 22 and 4 record at the Air Canada Centre throughout the campaign.

Nonetheless, nobody’s giving them enough praise and it seems like people just don’t trust the Raptors to pull the offset up and just beat both the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference.

Still, we actually believe they’ve got a huge shot at doing so, and we’re going to let you know the 3 main reasons why we believe that Toronto’s finally going to do it: they will reach the NBA Finals.

3. Cavs' Struggles

LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers have been Toronto’s nightmare for several seasons now, but this Cavs team we’ve seen this season is nowhere near the dominant team we were used to the past three years.

Cleveland’s locker room chemistry is nonexistent, they’re one of the worst defensive teams in the NBA and their offense consists in isolation with no offensive rhythm whatsoever, so this one’s their best chance at finally getting payback.

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2. Home Dominance

Teams have always complained about the nagging trip to Canada due to staying up late in immigration, but the ACC wasn’t actually an intimidating court were opposing squads felt the heat and pressure of the fans, something that has changed a lot over the last couple of campaigns.

On the other hand, the Raptors have really defended their home court this year with an outstanding 22-4 record so far, and they’re just crushing everybody that tries and dare them in the north.

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1. They’re Done Choking

Over the last couple of campaigns, the Raptors have been quite close to taking the next step, but constant choking and Kyle Lowry disappearing when it matters the most have cost them playoff exits after peaking during the last passages of the regular season.

Now, this team just feels different, with DeRozan being a way more mature and developed player, Ibaka locking down the paint as he used to do over the early years, CJ Miles finally providing a much-needed spark from beyond the arc, and Lowry focused and keen to prove he’s not a choker anymore.