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Top 10 Three-Point Shooting Teams In The NBA Today


The three-point shot has become a staple in almost every NBA team's offense, and if it isn't one of the main shots used by a team, they're leaving valuable points on the table.

Compared to when the three-point line was in its infancy, where teams would be lucky to take two or three shots a game from downtown, teams today abuse the outside shots, with players themselves regularly making more shots from deep than entire teams took from behind the arc 30 years ago.

Obviously, some teams just don't have the personnel needed to make the three a viable part of their offense, but when a franchise does happen to have one of these players -- a Steph Curry or a James Harden among others -- you can be sure they're building most of their offensive sets around that particular player.

So join us, as we run down the top 10 three-point shooting squads in the league today.

10. Chicago Bulls - 10.9 3PM/G (35.7%)

9. Atlanta Hawks - 11.0 3PM/G (36.4%)

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8. Denver Nuggets - 11.2 3PM/G (36.7%)

7. Toronto Raptors - 11.6 3PM/G (35.5%)

6. Dallas Mavericks - 11.8 3PM/G (36.4%)

5. Boston Celtics - 11.8 3PM/G (37.5%)

4. Golden State Warriors - 11.8 3PM/G (39.7%)

3. Cleveland Cavaliers - 11.9 3PM/G (36.5%)

2. Brooklyn Nets - 12.3 3PM/G (34.9%)

1. Houston Rockets - 15.5 3PM/G (36.5%)