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Top 10 NBA Teammates Who Hated Each Other

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Fadeaway World

In order to thrive in the crowded and competitive National Basketball Association, all teams have to build up a strong chemistry between most of their players, especially if we’re talking about the franchise's biggest figures.

Being such gifted athletes, and spending most of their lives being the best players in their respective minors squads can definitely make players lose proportion and their sense of reality and get so over themselves that their egos can get in the way of their talent.
If you add losing, partying or toxic environments to that mix as well as several tough characters in the same locker room, things can easily get out of hand and create a lot of trouble for the team’s future.

Over the course of years, we’ve seen some bromances and huge friendships like the one Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen or LeBron James and Dwyane Wade have built, but we’ve also seen several feuds take place between teammates that should’ve been having each other’s backs.

Today, we’re going to let you know about some teammates that completely hated each other’s guts, some stories that obviously didn’t end up as good as expected.

10. Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters

Kyrie and Dion were expected to be the future of the Cleveland Cavaliers before LeBron’s comeback, but contrary to many people hoped, things never went as good as desired. Dion truly believed that he was the most talented player on the team, playing down Kyrie and stating Irving wasn’t as good as him.

At the end the organization decided to stay with Kyrie alone and traded Waiters to Oklahoma City, where he kept saying he was the best agent in the squad. Now Waiters is part of the Miami Heat while Kyrie has landed in the Boston Celtics, trying to take the team to the NBA finals again.

9. Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo

It is very known that these two never got along, mostly thanks to Rondo’s way to act and say things. Ray Allen never enjoyed watching Rondo acting like a teenager and that broke their relationship. This is the main example of that you don’t need to have a good relationship with a teammate to reach good things.

At the end and as a result of all these altercations, Allen decided to leave the Celtics and reunite with LeBron James in the Miami Heat, where he won another championship ring, being very important for his team.

8. Michael Jordan and Kwame Brown

Besides all his greatness, Michael Jordan was very known thanks to his trash talk, as not even his teammates were free of it. Jordan accumulated a lot of episodes in which his teammates were pleased with the behavior of the five-time NBA Champion and this even happened during the last days of his career.

According to the rumor, Jordan was a bully towards Kwame Brown, who was 19 at that time, making the former 1st overall pick cry sometimes. At the end, Jordan retired happily while Brown struggled and struggled, never finding a good shape to thrive in the association.

7. Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant

This is a popular story, as everybody knows what it’s with the Shaq-Kobe feud. Everything started when Shaq decided to rest due to a toe injury following the third consecutive title of the franchise and Kobe didn’t like that much the way Shaq handle things. Well, Kobe did everything in his power to surface over Shaq, promising his teammates Adidas gears if he had more shots.

Since then, their rivalry got more heated and those were very good years if you were a fan of hatred between teammates, especially when they are two of the best players ever.

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Their personalities and character clashed as they both used to shoot at each other every time they had the chance before everything ended up with Shaq leaving the Lakers to play with the Heat, where he won another ring alongside Dwyane Wade.

6. Charles Barkley and Scottie Pippen

Everybody in Houston was happy about these two coming over to play with the best center ever, Hakeem Olajuwon, but seeing the outcome of these movements they would have wanted to just suck and not suffered watching these two fighting every night.

Charles Barkley didn’t start his journey with the Rockets the best way, as Chuck had to accept a pay cut in order to land Pippen. They never lost a chance to demonstrate the bad blood between them before this experiment ended with Pippen heading to Portland, talking about Barkley and his “lazy fat butt” without any problem.

5. Dwight Howard and Steve Nash

This happened exactly like Barkley and Pippen in Houston, as these two arrived to their new team wanting to take the league over and help Kobe Bryant to win his sixth championship ring, but after a regular season starting, everything fell apart.

Both Nash and Kobe are well known by his work ethic, an item in which Howard was… always joking. Nash several times addressed this, giving some advice to Howard to improve his free throw percentage, but as usual Howard played down the two-time NBA MVP, gaining the hate of the Lakers’ fans, being traded to Houston where guess what? Exactly, he kept sucking.

4. Jason Kidd and Jimmy Jackson

Back in his days in Dallas, the current Milwaukee Bucks head coach lived one of the weirdest episodes in NBA history, as Kidd and his then-teammate Jimmy Jackson had a fight over the singer Toni Braxton.

Kidd and Jackson were at it in order to earn the right to date the pop singer, making one of the biggest headlines in the NBA at that time. After that, Kidd exacted the Dallas Mavericks to trade Jimmy Jackson, who curiously appeared to be playing with a different uniform the next season.

3. Nikola Mirotic and Bobby Portis

This is the latest episode on this topic, as both Nikola Mirotic and Bobby Portis had a fight in the Chicago Bulls’ practice earlier this week. This is definitely not good for the Bulls, as their season already looked awful and with this kind of situation, it can’t be worse.

Mirotic ended up hospitalized after getting verbal with Portis, then physical and at the end, Portis shot and Mirotic was knocked down. Mirotic was diagnosed with two broken bones in his face and a concussion in one of the most bizarre episodes of this freshly started NBA season. Now we have to wait to see how this matter is finished, but apparently, this feud had over 2 years in the making. That’s not our idea of healthy and friendly competition for the starting PF spot.

2. Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton

Well, this was certainly a crazy story. Gilbert Arenas was one of those players marked as the “next Jordan” that later became a fluke. Arenas was playing for the Washington Wizards when he got into a heated argument with his then-teammates Javaris Crittenton over an unpaid debt.

While on the plane, the players were in an altercation that lead to gun threats and the suspension of both players. At the end, Arenas never lived up the expectations while Javaris Crittenton became a criminal, murdering a mother of children back in 2015 and accused of slapping the mother of his child while breastfeeding him when the baby was only one day old.

1. Tony Parker and Brent Barry

This was nuts. This is one of those situations in which you never want to be. Tony Parker and Brent Barry were really good friends, being successful with Spurs and bonding in a great way in the process, but all of that fell apart when Tony cheated on his ex-wife Eva Longoria with the then-wife of Brent Barry.

This was nothing but shocking for everybody seeing the relationship of Tony and Brent and all the consequences it brought for everybody involved in the scandal. Tony lost a big friend and his wife and Barry pretty much the same, but this time without looking for it.