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Top 10 NBA Players Who Hate LeBron James

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LeBron James has always been in the spotlight and in most of the headlines since entering the 2003 NBA Draft, and either for good or not so good reasons, fans, media and even other basketball players just can’t help to keep talking about King James.

James has always been a trendsetter and a guy that’ll make everybody knows what he’s doing, when he’s doing it and where he’s gonna do it, and even though he tries to show a humble face, we all know he’s kind of a douche and actually enjoys the negative attention as much as the positive one.

Being one of the most controversial players that’s ever lived, and also one of the most talented, it wouldn’t have to come as a surprise to watch other players kind of dislike LeBron James and his false humble attitude, and he’s earned more than one enemy over his successful NBA tenure.

Of course, most of the players we're about to name in this list aren’t nearly as good as James and will never have the kind of impact he’s had and still has, but still, we’re going to let you know about the top 10 guys that hate LeBron’s guts.

10. Nate Robinson

Nate Robinson will always be remembered for his competitiveness, his explosiveness and his ability to take huge leaps despite being one of the shortest guys in the basketball world, as well as for his incredible block on LeBron James back when he was still with the Chicago Bulls.

Besides, Robinson once even slapped James in the face after a made layup and was later denied the possibility of being a member of the Miami Heat. Oh, the fact that LeBron once landed on his face and made kiss the floor by accident should also count here, doesn’t it?

9. Jonas Valanciunas

Jonas Valanciunas is the classical Lithuanian basketball player, a strong and physical fella that’s going to make you pay the prize if you try to get past him regardless of if the game is tied or they’re up by 20.

So, Jonas decided to make James feel that Lithuanian power by actually tackling him during a fast break, obviously making LeBron hit the floor hardly, and decided to reject Jonas’ hand when he tried to offer his help to get up.

8. Jermaine O’Neal

Jermaine O’Neal was one of the most dominant and physical defenders in the Association throughout his entire career, and he wasn’t scared to get T’d up or even ejected just to protect the rim and let other people know that they would get no easy buckets.

So, during O’Neal’s Celtics tenure, he got caught up in that good old Boston Hates LeBron narrative and wasn’t shy about it, constantly making James hit the deck after some very rough and hard fouls, and even waiting him outside of the locker room to confront him.

7. Danny Granger

Not so long ago before injuries took a major toll in his career, Danny Granger was one of the league’s elite wing scorers and the ultimate leader of the Indiana Pacers and games were even advertised with him matching up against LeBron James.

Granger and James were also constantly amidst trash talking incidents every time they faced each other, but things got up a notch when Granger tried to stop James on a fast break and they both got tangled up before LeBron decided to throw an elbow at Granger’s face, obviously making him lose it.

6. Draymond Green

Draymond Green has always been one of the biggest mouthed guys in the entire Association, and he’s never been afraid to get in the face of bigger guys than him, constantly making bold statements about the Cavs and LeBron himself.

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Nonetheless, the trash talker has also been spotted with LeBron during the offseason a couple of times and they’ve even shared a couple of bets regarding Green’s school; Michigan State, and the Ohio State Buckeyes, the team LeBron roots for in the NCAA.

5. Stanley Johnson

Stanley Johnson made the headlines a couple of seasons ago but not for the reasons everybody expected out of one of the most promising prospects in the Association that’s failed to live up to the expectations.

See, after Johnson thought James got away from lousy calls and poor officiating on Game 1 in the NBA Playoffs, he decided to get on his face on Game 2, stating that he “didn’t take anything from it but a cheap-ass shot” and that Bron talks way too much trash when he’s got a huge lead instead of at least doing so when they’re tied as well. Later he would go on and recognize that those statements were a rookie mistake, but that he didn’t regret them and meant every single word.

4. Nazr Mohammed

Mohammed was never a really important guy in any team’s rotation, but back then when he was the second big man for Thibodeau and the Chicago Bulls, things got a lot heated up once again between the Bulls and LeBron James in one of those all-time Chicago hates LeBron moments.

He tried to stop James from scoring on a fast break and the King took yet another cheap shot at him, something that Mohammed didn’t enjoy a single bit and considering how much he already hated him, he decided to get up and shove LeBron, who hilariously flopped by taking about 5 steps back and then falling on his ass and sliding on the hardwood.

3. Lance Stephenson

Well, to be fair, Lance Stephenson pretty much hates everybody and the league hates him back, as he’s proven to be an immature with a mouth way bigger than his skill set and that’s not been able to replicate his success after a couple of good seasons with the Indiana Pacers.

Still, Stephenson’s favorite villain has always been LeBron James, and he constantly tries to shove him, bump into him and get into his head. I mean, he literally tried to get into his head by softly blowing into his ear, c’mon man, you’re just a clown.

2. Joakim Noah

Back then when Joakim Noah was the centerpiece of the Bulls defense and one of the best defenders in the Association, those Bulls - Cavs and Bulls - Heat matchups were pretty much a lock to determine the 1st seed in the Eastern Conference.

Noah’s always been known to be a committed defender and put a lot of heart into the game, but James always feels that he talks way too much trash and has had a lot of physical and verbal encounters with the Frenchman. Of course, Joakim has never backed down from the small forward and has even made some bold statements about Cleveland, earning the hate of the entire Ohio State.

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1. Paul Pierce

And last but not least, we get Paul Pierce, one of the best players at the small forward spot this game has ever seen that even stated that if LeBron had entered the league at the same time that him and they were both in their primes at the same time, he wouldn’t even have won a single ring through his career.

Pierce was the leader of the Boston Celtics when they became Bron’s nightmare in Miami, and Paul hasn’t hesitated to show he despises for James, constantly hitting him and making very hard statements about him and his entire generation.