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Top 10 NBA Players That Average Less Than 1 Assist Per Game

Top 10 NBA Players That Average Less Than 1 Assist Per Game

Sharing the wealth is one of the best things any team can do in order to succeed and beat their opponents, as finding the open teammate will always guarantee that you’ll have the best shot available and will force opposing defenses into submission.

Nonetheless, some players make a living out of their positioning and bring other stuff to the table rather than their passing, mostly finishing plays after an assist instead of creating actual opportunities for their teammates.

And as bad as this may sound, some of the players we’re about to mention have actually found quite successful with their teams with that playing style, and today we’re going to let you know about 10 guys that rack up several minutes but still average less than one assist per game.

10. Steven Adams

You could argue this make sense with Russell Westbrook handling most touches and Steven Adams handling the offensive rebounding and rim protection duties, as well as being Russ’ primary assist target, but it’s still kind of odd to watch a player stay on the court for over 32 minutes a night and average just 0.9 dimes.

9. Dwight Powell

Dwight Powell has spent most of his NBA career to provide some hustle and rebounding in the second unit, and he’s never been much of a versatile or offensively skilled player, mostly due to his lack of playmaking ability, roughly creating 0.9 assists a night for the Dallas Mavericks in barely under 20 minutes a night.

8. Justin Jackson

Justin Jackson has been kind of a fluke during his first season with the Sacramento Kings, and he’s struggled to make a true impact on the hardwood despite being one of the most proven prospects in this year’s draft. Playing just under 20 minutes per game, the rookie only hands out 0.9 dimes per game, with a grand total of 40 assists throughout the campaign.

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7. PJ Tucker

PJ Tucker has been a perfect fit for Mike D’Antoni’s system in the Houston Rockets, being a terrific defender on the wings and also a very consistent shooter from beyond the arc, but despite logging almost 28 minutes a night and playing next to a great scorer like Harden, he only averages 0.8 assists per game

6. Serge Ibaka

Ibaka has made a name for himself for being a standout rim protector (even leading the league in blocks a couple of seasons earlier on his career) and now he’s been able to add some range to his game, and people are definitely not going to remember him for his passing ability, recording just 0.8 assists per game on almost 28 minutes a night.

5. Quincy Acy

Acy has always brought a lot of hustle and effort to the hardwood and despite being undersized for a big man, he’s always been quite a solid rebounder and great when it comes to gaining position and boxing out players, but he’s passing definitely needs some catching up to do, averaging just 0.8 dimes a game despite playing almost 28 minutes per contest.

4. Jerami Grant

Jerami Grant has been one of the lone bright spots in the Oklahoma City Thunder bench this season during his second campaign playing next to the Brodie, but he’s handling mostly offensive rebounding duties when Adams gets a breather, logging just 0.8 assists per game despite playing over 20 minutes per contest.

3. CJ Miles

Yet another Toronto Raptors player makes our list, with most of their playmaking duties going Lowry, DeRozan or VanVleet’s way. Still, Miles has been outstanding this campaign for the Canadian squad, recording 2.4 makes from three off the bench, but only managing to record 0.7 assists a game despite logging 18 minutes a night.

2. Maurice Harkless

Maurice Harkless is one of the less impressive NBA players this year, as even his defense (his lone strong aspect of the game) has taken a dip in the campaign. Also, despite playing almost 21 minutes per game, he only records 0.7 assists per game, and that’s not the kind of help Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum need if they intend to make a postseason run.

1. Dante Cunningham

If you play with Rondo, Holiday, Cousins and Davis, it’s pretty safe to assume you’re not going to get many touches on offense, and that explains the lack of dimes, especially considering 3 of those guys are pretty good passers. Still, for a guy playing 21 minutes a night, recording 0.6 dimes per game is far from impressive, and perhaps one of the reasons he was dealt to the Nets.