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Top 10 NBA Buttons You Don't Want To Press

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

As entertaining as sports are, there comes a point when things go a little overboard, and us as fans wish for a far simpler time.

The most recent event that springs to mind regarding things you don't want to see in sports is Gordon Hayward's gruesome injury in the first game of the season this year for his new Boston Celtics, effectively sidelining him for his debut season with the Celtics after only 5 minutes on the court.

Before that, it was Kevin Durant's move to Golden State that had fans ripping their hair out, wondering how such an atrocity could occur in today's NBA.

But what if you had the choice to prevent one of these events from occurring in the first place? We've selected 10 scenarios that almost no NBA fan wants to see, but the kicker is, you only have the power to press one button to stop that scenario from happening, the other 9 will go ahead as planned.

10. Cyan - The Oklahoma City Thunder Disappear


Just as quickly as the NBA gifted Oklahoma City a franchise from the Seattle Supersonics, they can just as easily take the Thunder away from OKC, leaving the NBA with only 29 teams, and leaving Russell Westbrook, Paul George and Carmelo Anthony teamless.

9. Purple - The NBA Introduce A 4-Point Line

Adam Silver

When the shot clock and 3-point line were introduced, many fans only thought of them as gimmicks with a limited lifetime, and would eventually be phased out after a few years. Fast forward to 2018, and both have become staples of the game of basketball. Would a 4-point line have the same fate, or would it ruin the game for everyone but Golden State.

8. Orange - The Houston Rockets Don't Re-Sign Chris Paul

Chris Paul

Chris Paul has been having a stellar year for the Houston Rockets, and alongside James Harden, has led the Rockets to the best record in the NBA heading into the All-Star break. For Rockets' fans, not re-signing the point guard would be one of the worst moves possible for their future.

7. Black - Kawhi Leonard Gets Traded From San Antonio

Kawhi Leonard
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When you think of the San Antonio Spurs, you think of respect, humility, and grace, all values Kawhi Leonard possesses. With the majority of the Spurs roster comprising of rookies, vets and a few D-Leaguers, the Spurs would be losing their identity if they happened to ship off Kawhi.

6. Red - The Bulls Sign Carmelo Anthony

Melo Bulls

Back when Carmelo Anthony hit free agency in 2014, before signing his extension with the New York Knicks, Melo was rumored to be headed Chicago's way to join up with Rose and Butler. Fast forward four years and Melo's production has dropped dramatically, and the Bulls are among the worst teams in the East. Would it be a good decision to now pursue Melo for a max contract. Probably not.

5. Green - Giannis Heads Abroad

Giannis Greece

Giannis Antetokounmpo is one of the league's most electrifying superstars the NBA has to offer and provides Milwaukee Bucks' fans with plenty to scream and shout about night in and night out. Do you really want to see him head back to his home country for good?

4. Yellow - LaVar Ball Becomes Head Coach Of The Lakers

LaVar Ball

Lonzo Ball's father LaVar is actually a pretty successful head coach, coaching both his three son's high school team in Chino Hills, as well as stepping in as HC for LaMelo and LiAngelo's Lithuanian team on two occasions, leading them to wins. The NBA is a different beast however, and even Big Ballers would grow sick and tired of Ball's antics on the sidelines.

3. White - The NBA Enters Another Lockout


The last NBA lockout occurred back in 2011, when players and owners weren't happy with the way revenue was being split between parties. The lockout lasted from July 1st, 2011 all the way through to December 8th, 2011, leading to the season beginning on Christmas Day and containing 66 games instead of the regular 82. Another lockout, only seven years after the last one would be disasterous for NBA players and the NBA as a whole.

2. Grey - D-Rose Hangs Them Up

Rose Retire

Even though Derrick Rose has had a really rough go of things since first tearing his ACL in the 2012 playoffs, it doesn't mean that he's not a capable basketball player. However, there have been multiple injuries since then, as well as a few random disappearances from teams Rose has played for, so retirement may not be that far-fetched for Rose, even if he should be in the middle of his prime.

1. Blue - LeBron Joins The Warriors

LeBron Warriors

Pairing LeBron James with Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Kevin Durant would almost certainly spell the end of the NBA in terms of competitiveness, and we wouldn't be surprised if the Golden State Warriors managed to rip off at least five-straight titles.