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Top 10 Most Hated NBA Players Right Now

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If you’re going to be an NBA player, it’s pretty sure that you’re going to make more than several fans, especially if you’re one of the league’s biggest talents or have a key role in a squad with a huge fan base.

Still, not just good things come with fame, and if you have 1 fan, you’re very likely to have at least 1 hater as well, especially considering how emotional fans tend to become when it comes to their favorite (or least favorite) NBA team.

Either for their talents, their big mouth or even their bad luck, being an NBA player can assure you the most hatred reactions from some of the most passionate fans, and today we’ll name you the top 10 most hated NBA players nowadays.

10. James Harden

James Harden also had the best season of his young career, leading the league in assists and once again being one of the biggest offensive threats in the Association, flourishing as perhaps the most difficult guy to guard in the league.

Nonetheless, his horrid lack of effort on the defensive end still makes a lot of people feel like he’s just another overrated scorer that gets all the calls from the referees, and that he’ll never be an elite player until he actually tries and stop anybody.

9. Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony is the all-time leading scorer in Team USA’s history and has always been one of the least most prolific scorers and interesting players, being able to put up a freaking lot of points on any given night against the best defenders in the league.

Still, his ball stopping and ball hogging style of play have caused him a lot of respect among his peers and the fans, that just can’t stand a guy so selfish with the ball in his hands, especially if he’s never won an NBA Championship.

8. DeMarcus Cousins

DeMarcus Cousins entered the league as a standout prospect out of Kentucky, with a sky high upside and an extremely developed skill set and body that pretty much assured him to be the most dominant big man in the league if he played his cards right.

Lucky for him, he’s actually blossomed into a very consistent two-way player and a guy that pretty much every team would like to have, although his constant whining and complaining make him a very tough guy to deal with for his teammates and of course: the fans

7. Dwight Howard

There was a time when it seemed like Dwight Howard was actually going to become the most dominant player in the NBA due to his skill set and impressive physique, being even known as the next Shaq and making pretty much everybody keen to acquire his services.

Nevertheless, he’s nothing more than an average player nowadays, and his softness, lack of work ethic and improvement and big baby attitude has made pretty much every fan base in the league hate Dwight, and he’ll go down as one of the league leaders in boards and double doubles, but without the respect of anybody when he decides to retire.

6. Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook is coming off one of the best seasons in the history of basketball, averaging a triple double for a full campaign and proving all his detractors wrong and all those folks that stated that he couldn’t thrive without Kevin Durant.

Sadly for him, some people actually hated him the most after this sick campaign, stating that he only got those stats because of his selfishness and desire to prove himself instead of doing what was best for the rest of the team.

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5. Zaza Pachulia

Zaza Pachulia has actually never been a very popular guy in the Association, being just another player from the bunch with absolutely no significant talent to actually make him stand out, especially in this league more oriented towards the perimeter nowadays.

Still, after being one of the fan vote leaders (because of his Georgia compatriots) to make it to the All-Star this prior season, Pachulia earned the hate of most basketball fans across the globe due to his terrible move on Kawhi Leonard that caused him to miss the remainder of the Playoffs and significantly boosted Golden State’s chances.

4. Stephen Curry

Steph Curry has emerged as the most respected and talented shooter in the history of the game, as well as the most impressive three point shooter the NBA has ever seen and probably will ever see.

Still, some fans just can’t get enough and consider Curry to be the most overrated MVP ever (especially during his first of two awards), as he’s not your average pass-first type of point guard and isn’t really good on defense either. And don't forget mouthguard.

3. Draymond Green

Draymond Green quietly became one of the league’s elite and most versatile two-way players, being the most important piece of the Golden State Warriors system as a guy that could successfully guard all 5 positions with great ease and also run the floor as their primary playmaker.

Still, his big mouth, constant complaining, and even unnecessary trash talking had made him a lot of enemies, but even though some fans and several rivals simply can’t stand him, nobody can deny the huge impact Draymond has on both ends of the court.

2. LeBron James

And of course, we can't forget LeBron James, despite being the best small forward and the most dominant two-way player of an era and a 4 time MVP and 3 time NBA Champion.

The fact that he left the Cavs to win in Miami, or that he’s actually lost more finals than he’s won, his big mouth, constant whining and all the no calls he gets when he clearly charges or shoves with the elbow are more than reason enough to despise him, although he’s still the best player the league has seen over the last 7-10 years or so.

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1. Kevin Durant

And of course, the most hated player in the NBA has to be Kevin Durant.

He has grown to be the league’s most underrated two-way players after entering the league as an offensive standout with a lot of upsides, even becoming a rim protector and being able to score against the best defenders in the history of the game.

Furthermore, after making his decision to leave Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder, he’s been called a snake and a traitor and lost the respect of most people despite winning a Championship after joining the best team in the world.