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Top 10 Interesting Stats That Will Surprise You

Top 10 Interesting Stats That Will Surprise You

If we know something for sure is that the NBA can definitely be very surprising and that you never know what may or may not happens, especially because so much happens without most people noticing due to the speed the game can take.

Media and fans constantly tend to over or undervalue big name players due to their exposition or how much they care for their respective teams, but we tend to obviate that are so many intangibles in this game that regardless of how much you want it, you just can’t be aware of everything that happens.

Over the course of this young season, some crazy stats have flourished and we can’t help but to be surprised, as you wouldn’t expect this kind of stuff coming from these players, or because you just can’t tell that by the way they’re playing.

Today, we’re going to let you know about some of the top 10 stats that will definitely raise an eyebrow or two, so thanks us later when you get to notice them as you watch your favorite teams play this upcoming week.

10. Lonzo Ball’s rebounding

Lonzo Ball’s name has been all over the world ever since declaring for this past NBA Draft, and even though he’s been vastly inconsistent and disappointing so far in some aspects of his game, his rebounding has been pretty much stellar.

See, Ball is actually averaging more rebounds than some of the league’s most known big men despite playing the point, as he grabs as much as 7.4 rebounds per game, more than Kristaps Porzingis (7.3), Jonas Valanciunas (7.1), John Henson (6.6), Paul Millsap (6.1) and Derrick Favors (6).

9. Paul George is a DPOY candidate

Among all the things you’d hope to hear Paul George’s name, you wouldn’t think of him as one of the best defenders in the league, but he’s playing at a top tier level now during his brief stint as one of the three-headed monster heads in the Oklahoma City Thunder.

George leads the league in steals per game with 2.8 (with Ben Simmons and Russell Westbrook trailing with 2.1 each) and has as much as 10 more steals than the 2nd in that list (George has 45 while Ben Simmons is 2nd with 35). Besides, he leads the league in defensive win shares with 1.3, has 87 total deflections (most in the league) with 5.1 per games (also a league high) and sits 12th in defensive rating at 98.5 points per 100 possessions.

8. James Harden has more 3-pt attempts than Stephen Curry

James Harden is back at it and is playing at a stellar level once again, and he’s even leading the league in three-pointers attempted, made, total points, total free throw and pretty much every single offensive stat line so far.

That’s not surprising whatsoever, but the fact that he has as much as 48 more three-pointers attempted than the best three-point shooter in the history of the game, Stephen Curry, as the Beard has currently tried to hit 195 while the 2 time MVP has “just” shot 157 times from beyond the arc. As a side note, the third in that list is also a Houston Rockets player, Eric Gordon.

7. Rookies can’t shoot

We’ve talked a lot of how horrible Lonzo Ball’s shooting from beyond the arc has been so far throughout the first passage of this season, but truth to be told, he’s being just the scapegoat for most of his Draft class as they’ve all been equally terrible.

So far, just Malik Monk and Donovan Mitchell (both over 33% shooting) have been effective from beyond the arc, as Ball’s shooting 23%, Josh Jackson 27%, Jonathan Isaac 29%, De’Aaron Fox 26%, Frank Ntikilina 24%, Dennis Smith Jr 28% and Markelle Fultz hasn’t even attempted 1.

6. John Collins leads the league in personal fouls

John Collins has shown a lot of good things in the offensive end and when it comes to grabbing both offensive and defensive boards, but he can't find a rhythm and chill a while when he’s trying to contain opposing players.

Collins currently leads the league in personal fouls at 74 despite playing just 415 minutes in his career, that represents 3.9 infractions per game in just 23 minutes, something that translates to 6.2 personal fouls per 36 minutes. He’s been even worse than DeMarcus Cousins and Khris Middleton, with 72 and 67 PF each on many more minutes.

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5. Kyle Korver leads the league in offensive rating (129.3)

It’s not a surprise to see someone praising Kyle Korver’s offensive game, as he’s been known for being one of the most prolific and reliable shooters from long distance in the history of the league, and seeing the Cleveland Cavaliers among the league leaders in offensive rating isn’t a much of a surprise either.

But the fact that Kyle Korver actually leads the league in offensive rating definitely has to come as a surprise, as the Cleveland Cavaliers are currently scoring over 129.3 points per 100 possessions when KK is in the hardwood, beating DeAndre Jordan (126) and Enes Kanter (125.5) so far.

4. LeBron James leads all players in minutes played

It’s no surprise to see LeBron James playing a lot of minutes, especially considering that the Cleveland Cavaliers got off to a very sluggish start of the season and were in desperate need of some momentum and adjustments if they didn’t want to fall way behind in the Eastern Conference standings.

But, what do comes as a surprise is the fact that the 33-year-old LeBron James is currently leading all players in minutes played with 678, averaging almost 38 minutes per game early in the season, something that make take a toll later in the campaign, and more than Harrison Barnes and DeMarcus Cousins, who are 2nd and 3rd in that list and are way younger than the King.

3. Houston leads the league in 3 pt scored

To go along with James Harden’s more three-point attempts than the Golden State Warriors, it comes a surprise to watch the Houston Rockets lead the 3 pointers made category by a long shot against Golden State, the team with the 3 best three-point shooters in the entire National Basketball Association.

Well, Mike D’Antoni’s squad and his up-tempo offense have currently connected on 284 shots from beyond the arc, 60 more than the 2nd team in the list (you guessed, Golden State), that has hit 224 shots from three-point territory, and also 70 ahead of the Boston Celtics, third in that regard.

2. Brook Lopez leads contested shots

Brook Lopez isn't anywhere near the Los Angeles Lakers defensive anchor, but he’s providing a lot of hustle in the defensive end during his first year at the Staples Center, and none of the points he’s conceded so far have come without paying the price for it.

See, Brook Lopez is currently leading the league in contested shots per game, contesting 15 per night and 22 per 36 minutes. Besides, he’s also leading the league in contested 2 pointers with 232 and total contested shots with 285, while DeMarcus Cousins and Karl-Anthony Towns are way behind him with 254 and 245 respectively.

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1. Spencer Dinwiddie leads the league in AST/TO ratio

Spencer Dinwiddie has managed to hold onto the starting point guard spot in the Brooklyn Nets after Jeremy Lin’s season-ending injury, and he’s quietly making a terrific job at the point despite his team’s constant struggles, especially while making his teammates better and taking care of the rock.

Dinwiddie currently leads the league in assist to turnover ratio with an excellent 5.1 assists per turnover, something few elite point guards in the history of the game can brag about through a single season, and the 2nd and 3rd player on that list have to be surprising as well, with Shelvin Mack averaging 4.8 and Raymond Felton 4.7.

Unless otherwise cited, all stats are courtesy of or Basketball Reference and current leading into games on Nov. 24.