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Top 10 Greatest Michael Jordan Teammates Of All Time

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Michael Jordan is almost unanimously considered to be the best player in the history of the game and perhaps a top 3 athlete in sports history alongside Muhammad Ali and Roger Federer, but not even his Royal Airness was able to dominate by himself.

Along the way, Michael Jordan found his way to basketball heaven after leading the Chicago Bulls to 6 NBA Championships with 2 three-peats, but he had a bit of help from very talented players as well.

Of course, playing alongside the best player in the history of the game and a guy that completely dominated the spotlight and the scene can steal some of your thunder and most of the attention, but that doesn’t take away the fact that they were extremely productive players.

Today, we’re going to honor the best 10 players that shared teams with Michael Jordan, and even though we won’t be able to name them all, we encourage you guys at home to do your own ranking as well.

Honorable Mention: Jerry Stackhouse, RIP Hamilton, George Gervin, Bill Cartwright

10. Steve Kerr

Before becoming the mastermind behind the best team in modern basketball, Steve Kerr shared a locker room with Michael Jordan between 1994 and 1998, winning 5 NBA Championships through his career and being a key piece off the bench in the Bulls second threepeat.

Kerr wasn’t exactly the most prolific scorer if we talk about volume, but he definitely was one of the most consistent players from three-point land and even sealed one of the most impressive games the best Bulls in history once won, joking that he had to bail out Jordan with that shot. Besides, Jordan even once punched him in the face during practice, so not everything was a fairytale.

9. John Paxson

Paxson spent 9 seasons as a member of the Chicago Bulls, becoming the team’s starting point guard for 3 years and a prime example of how a point guard should run the triangle offense, making several clutch shots on his way to 3 rings.

Like Kerr, Paxson wasn’t exactly a guy that was going to hog a lot of shots, and it would be crazy if you take notice that he played alongside Michael Jordan and Scottie, but his 49% from the floor show you how much of a reliable choice he was on offense.

8. BJ Armstrong


Benjamin Roy Armstrong, AKA “The Kid” was a player that could’ve have a huge role in any single team besides the Chicago Bulls, but considering he won 3 Championships between 1990 and 1995, we bet he doesn’t complain at all.

Making 1 All-Star appearance, he had his best run as a member of the Bulls when Michael Jordan decided to pursue a baseball career, and even though he was never as good as expected, his handles and playmaking were always top-notch.

7. Artis Gilmore


Artis Gilmore is one of the most successful players on this list, making it to the Hall of Fame and being one of the best players in the history of the ABA due to his dominance in both ends of the floor as a big man.

Of course, he only had a season playing alongside Michael Jordan and didn’t see much playing time at all, but he was a great veteran influence on a blossoming 24-year-old shooting guard that would go on to take the world for assault.

6. Horace Grant


Winner of 4 NBA Championships and member of 4 All-Defensive squads, Horace Grant was a huge piece of Michael Jordan’s success as one of the most underrated big men down low back in the day, spending a lot of time at the four during the 1st threepeat.

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Grant was one of the Bulls defensive anchors with his dominant physique and his outstanding ability to set picks and dominate the glass made things quite easy for Jordan and his squad back in the day.

5. Charles Oakley


Charles Oakley was pretty much Michael Jordan’s bodyguard during his Chicago Bulls stint, being a thug and a bully as he’s always been and not backing down from the biggest players you’ll ever see.

Oakley blossomed as a member of the New York Knicks as a defensive standout, and even though he wasn’t able to reach the ultimate stage with the Chicago Bulls, considering what he achieved in his career after his Bulls stint definitely grants him a spot on this list.

4. Ron Harper

UNITED STATES - NOVEMBER 07:  NBA 97/98 CHICAGO BULLS; Ron HARPER/CHICAGO BULLS  (Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Bongarts/Getty Images)

Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Bongarts/Getty Images

Even though Michael Jordan didn’t enjoy the best Ron Harper playing alongside him, we have to put him on this list for his time with the Cleveland Cavaliers and especially the Los Angeles Lakers as a very dominant, strong and athletic freak.

Harper had an incredible NBA career and paved his way to 5 NBA Championships, and even though he wasn’t nearly as explosive as before after injuries took a toll on his body, he was a very important defender in the late 90’s Bulls squad.

3. Toni Kukoc


It’s scary to think what Kukoc could’ve achieved if he wasn’t a member of the Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen Bulls, as he was one of the most hyped players in the world due to his performances with the Croatian national team.

Being as talented as a guard despite being 6’’10, Kukoc was one of the team’s main attraction after Jordan’s first retirement, and his versatility and skill set made him earn the Sixth Man of the Year award, helping the Chicago Bulls win 3 Larry O'Brien.

2. Dennis Rodman


Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman was already a huge presence in the Association before signing with the Chicago Bulls, but he became the team’s defensive soul and owner of the glass during the team’s second three-peat.

Rodman is a one of a kind talent, one of the best defenders in the history of the game and even perhaps the best rebounder, a big man willing to put his body on the line despite having a huge lead and the Bulls’ missing piece to go back to stardom.

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1. Scottie Pippen

Photo by Andy Hayt/NBAE/Getty Images

Photo by Andy Hayt/NBAE/Getty Images

And last but not least, we get Scottie Pippen, the best defensive small forward that has ever set foot on an NBA hardwood (or at least until Kawhi Leonard’s surge), and one of the main reasons why Jordan was so successful over his Chicago Bulls tenures.

Pippen was a very versatile scorer that didn’t hesitate to sacrifice personal glory in order to help the team and a wing defender that could easily lockdown the most skilled players in the history of the game. They say Pippen wouldn’t have won 6 Championships without MJ, but it’s pretty safe to say the opposite as well.