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Top 10 Biggest Floppers In NBA History

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Every now and again, the NBA offers us the possibility to get a huge laugh with the hideous flopping some of the players perform to try and convince referees to blow the whistle and hurt the other team.

Of course, it’s not funny at all when your team is hurt by this terrible acting because referees actually buy their terrible performances, but you just can’t deny that sometimes the obvious and terrible flopping is just hilarious.

For those who don’t know what flopping is, it happens when a player pretends to draw a foul (either on offense or defense) to get the referee to call a foul against the other player, and today we’ll take a look at the top 10 floppers in NBA history.

10. LeBron James

The only reason why LeBron isn’t higher in our list is because we respect The King way too much, but he didn’t earn the “LeFlop” nickname out of nowhere, as he’s been constantly seen pretending and whining about alleged fouls.

The sad part is that refs actually tend to buy LeBron’s whining a lot and they always seem to be on his side every time the whistle blows, but they overlook the fact that he constantly throws elbows while posting and never get him for an offensive foul.

9. Shane Battier

Playing against the Heat was definitely frustrating because of how good they were, but also because of their constant flopping. Battier was a complete master at taking charges and getting offensive fouls called, but at least half of the time, he was flopping.

He moved between screens, he shoved his arms and even screamed, but most of the time, he got the work done with the referees due to his great ability to fall back on his butt every time he got against anybody.

8. Paul Pierce

Pierce, being a pesky veteran that’s seen it all, constantly got away with flopping on both ends of the floor, especially on offense; where he backed down against his defenders just to fall down and pretend to be shot or something.

Besides his jump shooting and his clutchness, the future Hall of Famer made a career out of some pretty funny flops, falling to the court as soon as he felt contact between screens or when defenders pretty much touched him.

7. Anderson Varejao

Varejao was completely hilarious unless he was on the opposing side of your team, as he was one of the most shameless and goofy floppers the NBA has ever seen, completely exaggerating every single contact.

This guy actually dove onto the floor like it was a swimming pool or something, and we just can’t get the fact that referees fell for this kind of stuff on a nightly basis. Not cool, Varejao. Not cool at all.

6. Danny Ainge

One of the greatest basketball minds of all time was also great at fooling (or at least trying to) the officials night in and night out, even falling without any single type of contact but getting the call to go his way anyways.

Ainge was completely ridiculous, pretending to get slapped, diving onto the floor like he was snowboarding or even running like 10 feet just to crash against the backboard and exaggerate contact.

5. Raja Bell

Bell spent 12 years in the NBA due to his pesky backcourt defense, but he was also one of the most insane floppers the league has seen over the last decade, as he could literally fall back down as he fainted if you sneezed near him.

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The veteran shooting guard spent most of his career on the floor, and he was a master of flopping while doing the whole scene, waving his arms backward and everything to add more theatrics to his hideous performances.

4. Manu Ginobili

Ginobili came into the league as the best player in Europe with his endless bag of tricks and a beautiful euro step that has inspired great lefties in NBA history, James Harden being the most obvious copycat of his signature move.

Nonetheless, Ginobili has always been a huge flopper, waving his arms back and turning his head back as he’s been hit by a truck every time somebody stayed in front of him, either while shooting or attacking the rim.

3. Marcus Smart

Just a few years into the NBA, Marcus Smart definitely has to be featured on this list as one of the most insanely hilarious floppers in NBA history, being a regular player in Shaq’s bloopers program Shaqtin a’ Fool.

Smart is an awesome defender and a very tough and physical player, but c’mon, he’s just a terrible actor. In fact, you don’t even need to touch him, he crashes into you and then falls to the floor even when the ball is on the other side of the court. He doesn’t even make any sense while flopping. It’s just sad.

2. Bill Laimbeer

Laimbeer was the dirtiest players on the original Detroit Pistons bad boys, and the 2-time NBA champion was even proud of his nature, constantly throwing elbows and even punches at pretty much everybody on the court.

On top of that, he was a great flopper, even falling to the floor when everybody else was trying to get the rebound, just to try and get the refs to call a foul. Sadly for him, nobody bought his moves during the last years of his very successful 13-year NBA career.

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1. Vlade Divac

And the ultimate flopper award goes to none other than Vlade Divac, one of the greatest European talents to ever set foot on an NBA court, but arguably the most ridiculous flopper the game of basketball has ever seen.

Just to put it in perspective, Divac made Marcus Smart look like an honest guy while flopping, as he even fell back down when the offensive player WASN’T BACKING DOWN OR TRYING TO POST HIM. C’mon, Vlade!

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