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Top 10 Best Players for Las Vegas Franchise

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

NBA expansion seems like a very long shot at the moment, and despite Seattle’s and Vegas’ best efforts, it’s very unlikely that forming an expansion team happens any time soon (or even happens at all), as the league has constantly been against it.

A place that’s been really snubbed from their initiative is Vegas, as the Sin City is known as the mecca of gambling, and everybody feels that bringing competitive sports into town would only create trouble and a huge conflict of interests.

Nevertheless, Las Vegas has been a regular place for the NBA Summer League and has shown a great fanbase and nice attendances, besides being one of the most lucrative places in the world when it comes to sports due to their great amount of tourists and their feel for entertainment.

So, let’s take a second to imagine and wonder how would the team look like if they started their franchise tomorrow, and would be the 10 guys that would better fit the Vegas lifestyle and therefore, the team.

James Harden


Harden’s been known as an entertainer and a party boy, and you know you’ve got to have at least one superstar on the team if you want to bring fans to the bleachers in Vegas, and the beard would definitely bring the fire to Sin City with his trick shots and his euro steps.

On top of that, we all saw him at Dwight Howard’s birthday bash and how lit he can get with a couple of shots, so he’d definitely be quite suited in Vegas.

Dwight Howard


Of course, the Atlanta native and longtime Harden friend would also have to come along and play once again with the Shooting Guard, as the big guy's also known for his festive spirit and constant fooling around (Even with younger girls).

We know this guy can throw a mean party as well as a harsh dunk, so he’d definitely have to come along to Vegas and make fans happy with nothing but entertainment, alley oops and of course: no defense whatsoever.

Matt Barnes


Barnes is the ultimate thug and you know Vegas loves a thug. His tattoos, his mean attitude, his problems with the law and high physical style of play make him a no-brainer to make it into the team, as you know he won’t hesitate to hit the casino on a nightly basis.

With his latino thug looks and his hip-hop way of living, Barnes would definitely make the headlines in Sin City, and he’d be one of the few guys to actually play defense for the team, so there’s that.

Blake Griffin


Even if Blake has taken a step backward compared to when he first came into the league with his monstrous dunks, he hasn’t lost a single bit of his crazy athleticism, and he could put every fan up on their feet on a nightly basis demolishing rims in Las Vegas.

Besides, he’s also a very festive guy that’s been actively hitting the clubs during the offseason, so he’d definitely be quite comfortable in Vegas.

Michael Beasley


Beasley may be arguably one of the most talented players the league has seen over the last few decades, although his lack of character and questionable work ethic made him stall and become little more than a role player.

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Nevertheless, he’d be like a fish in water here, although he’d have to be careful with marijuana and other psychotropic substances if Beasley’s in town.

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Klay Thompson


Don’t let his good boy looks fool you: Klay Thompson likes to party and likes to party HARD, as he’s shown over and over since making his professional debut several seasons ago.

On top of that, he’ll be the ultimate two-way player for the team, and his outstanding shooting ability and capacity of scoring from pretty much everywhere on the floor would be a huge plus for the fans.

J.R. Smith


You just can’t say party without talking about J.R. Smith, as everybody could tell when the Cavs won the NBA Championship the past season, as the guy spent about a month without even putting a shirt on.

Smith has been known for his love for the clubs and the parties, and he was even one of Rihanna’s regular party mates and reportedly even dated her, partying every single night even if he had a game the very same morning.

Nick Young


Nick Young also has to be featured on this list, as “Swaggy P” is a known party boy and even used to date the hip hop star Iggy Azalea until his teammate D’Angelo Russell lowkey snitched on him.

Besides, this guy doesn’t even take basketball seriously and he’s all about performances and fooling around, so he’d be the ultimate entertainer in Vegas.

Ron Artest


Metta World Peace is still playing in the Association, and even if he’s not as fast or athletic as he used to be, he could still bring a bit to the table if he played in Vegas.

Artest is yet another ultimate bad guy and he’ll thrive playing in Vegas, as he’s known to be one of the most diehard party boys in the NBA throughout his entire career, even reportedly throwing a “F*CK LEBRON” themed party.

Ty Lawson



Well, Lawson’s prime is far behind him and the only guy responsible for that is himself, as the known drunk threw his career down the drain, and now he’s the substitute point guard for the Sacramento Kings.

Nevertheless, the booze-loving point guard is still a pretty talented passer, and he could definitely help his team’s cause if he could stay sober, but we all know that ain’t happening if he plays in Vegas.