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Time To Break Up the Clippers: Chris Paul to NYK, Blake Griffin to OKC?

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There are those who seem to never take Chris Paul and the L.A. Clippers seriously. Those same people think that the possibility of the Clippers winning a chip seems farther away than the peak of Mount Everest. But those people, in all their overreaction, have good reason to be doubtful. The Clips can just never seem to get it right, no matter what they do or where they go.

But this season seemed different. This season, it looked like the Clippers were getting it. When everyone’s eyes were turned toward the Warriors or Cavs, the Clippers just kept on winning games…by a lot. They looked good, sounded good, and it seemed they were finally ready for a bigger spotlight.

Until, it happened again. Right on Que. Blake Griffin goes down until mid-late January with knee rehab, and CP3 goes down with hamstring issues. While these problems may not seem too major, isn’t it weird how something always gets in their way? The fans must surely be getting tired of this. The players, too.

The point is, it’s just not working. And if the Clipper fail to get to at least the Conference Finals this year, then Blake or Paul may decide to finally depart from their beloved city.

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It wouldn't be too hard for them to leave, either. Both of them could wind up free agents next year if they choose. With the Clippers championship window closing, both guys could look for a way out. Here are the top potential landing spots for each of the teammates if they decide to leave the Clippers.

Blake Griffin To OKC

Imagine Russell Westbrook and Blake Griffin being teammates? You’d be hard-pressed to find any team that could compete with that much athleticism. Of course, OKC would likely have to make a few moves to empty some cap room for Griffin, but the potential is there. Even with KD gone, the Thunder have managed to stay relevant in the competitive West. Add Blake to the equation, and there are few limits w=to what they can do.

Sam Presti has been known for being an extraordinary leader and GM for his team, so finding a way to lure Blake onto an already alluring situation shouldn’t be too hard. With the new duo in OKC, lobs and dunks would be flying like never before.

Chris Paul To NYK

It’s no secret that CP3 and Melo are pretty good friends. It’s also no secret that Derrick Rose is a free agent in 2017 as well. Could the Knicks let Rose go and throw a max contract at Paul? Paul would likely need to take a little pay cut to make this realistically work. But the Knicks have enough tradable assets to make as much room as they need. For Paul, he’d be playing in the weaker East, and for a fresh start in a new city.

Not to mention the Paul-Melo-Porzingis trio would look quite nice. The Knicks, with a noticeable upgrade at the PG position, would likely add some fresh competition to the reigning champs.


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