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Thon Maker commits 10PF in a Summer League Game!

Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

2016 NBA Summer League gave us some very interesting moments. The clash between the Sixers and the Lakers, with D'Angelo Russell's buzzer-beater. Great performances by Kriss Dunn, Buddy Hield, Larry Nance Jr., Ivica Zubac. Dominance by Devon Booker. But, despite all these magnificent and spectacular moves and moments, there were some unimpressive moments like this one below:

Thon Maker achieved a double-double in today's game against the Memphis Grizzlies. Not a remarkable one, but it's still a double-double. 10 points and 10 fouls in 31 minutes! He managed to commit 10 fouls in 31 minutes. It's like a foul in every 3 minutes. He was drafted 10th, maybe he thinks that his lucky number is 10!

In his debut game, he scored 15 points and had 13 rebounds. It's a great performance. In his second he had 17 points and 17 rebounds. That's an amazing one. And in the third game, happened this. Not very good Thon. But, what can I expect, he is a veteran, no easy buckets allowed! In case you don't know what I'm referring to, read this.

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I think that he will try to forget this game as soon as possible. Not exactly the type of double-double Thon should aspire to reach. You maybe wonder how can a player make 10 fouls in a 40-minutes game. But this isn't the first time someone did it in a Summer League game. Not the first time this year. Diamond Stone, the 40th pick, acquired by Los Angeles Clippers made 10 fouls in just 17 minutes. Unbelievable.

"Every big [man] picked in front of me, it’s just like when I see them, it’s going to be war,"

said Diamond Stone after being selected in the second round of the NBA draft.

It seems that he meant it literally. But, this isn't the worst thing that a new guy can do in the Summer League. You all know Greg Oden? Former 1st pick in the 2007 Draft, a great talent, but injuries destroyed his career. We can only imagine what would be if these injuries didn't happen.

To return to the Summer League and fouls. Greg Oden fouled out in his debut game. And he managed to do it again next game! I really don't understand how he could do that two games in a row, but that happened. Terrifying. Egregious. Everyone is just saying it's just a Summer League, it's not a real basketball. How in the world you can commit 10 fouls in two consecutive games? No matter, it's in a Summer League game or in an NBA game. If you have some logical explanation, leave a comment in the section below!

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