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This Unbelievable Stat Proves Just How Good The Rockets Are This Season


When Chris Paul signed with the Houston Rockets this summer, everyone knew the Rockets would be good.

But did anyone think they'd be this good? James Harden, Chris Paul, Clint Capela -- it's been the perfect recipe for destruction all year long. As the number two seed in the West, and a record of 42-13, Houston has had a magical season.

And in case you're still not convinced, check out this amazing stat listed by Reddit user FarWestEros:

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After 27 games (equivalent to one third of a season) the Rockets are 26-1 when their big-3 all play... a 79-win pace. from nba

Yeah, you ready that right.

When Harden, Paul, and Capela are on the floor together, their record is 26-1... a pace equivalent to 79 wins. As the user points out, they could potentially smash the Warriors' 73-9 season.

It's a shame the Rockets haven;t had durability on their side this year, but the stats still prove they're one of the best in the West.