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The Ultimate Unbeatable Team: NBA Players That Wear No. 23

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Number 23 has represented basketball’s greatness ever since the debut of Michael Jordan, the greatest and most skilled player that has ever set foot on an NBA hardwood, a guy that will never be matched, and that’s one of the main responsible for the game’s popularity nowadays.

All across the globe, young ballers dream to be just like Michael Jordan, trying to copy every single one of his moves, his big shots, and all of the moments that made His Royal Airness the greatest basketball player of all times.

Obviously, several players have reached the NBA after growing up with such stardom dreams, and they decide to pay tribute to the best ever by wearing number 23 on their jerseys, mostly because they’ve spent their entire lives wearing it through high school and college as an honor reserved for the most talented players on the team.

Today, we’re going to talk about the All-Number 23 NBA team, featuring players that use this sacred number in the best basketball competition in the world.

Coach: Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan - Charlotte Hornets


PG: Lou Williams

One thing’s for sure, Lou Williams can score like Mike. Sweet Lou has made a career out of incredible shots, a very versatile skill set and being one of the most prolific scorers in the Association despite coming off the bench.

With Lou on the team, you can be sure that you’re going to get a lot of highlights and even four-point plays, as the combo guard is one of the best players drawing contact in the league right now, as well as being a very good facilitator, with his defense being the only downside on his game.

SG: Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler changed his jersey from number 21 with the Bulls (where he couldn’t wear 23 for obvious reasons) to 23 now in the Minnesota Timberwolves, and he’s quietly growing up to be one of the best two way basketball players in the world right now.

Butler is an athletic freak with a huge feel for defense, and even though he’s shooting isn’t his best feature, he can put a lot of points in a very short time. Besides, he’s a very good playmaker that could help Williams play off the ball.

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SF: LeBron James

LeBron James went back to wearing number 23 after using number 6 in Miami (as the Heat had also retired the 23 jerseys in honor of Michael Jordan) and even though we’re sick and tired of hearing comparisons between him and Jordan, he’s pretty damn close.

James is perhaps the best playmaker in the league, one of the most durable players, the guy with the highest basketball IQ and simply the best small forward in the history of the league, so obviously he’d be the team’s captain.

PF: Draymond Green

If you want a versatile defender, you definitely have to reach out to Draymond Green, the most versatile player you’ll find in the league, a harsh trash talker, and a guy nobody’s going to get past by without paying the price for it.

Green can play or guard all 5 spots in the floor, is a great ball handler, a very good rebounder despite being undersized, and even a capable scorer, although he’s not going to be the most efficient shooter in the floor.

C: Anthony Davis

And last but not least, we can’t leave Anthony Davis on the bleachers, a big man that was used to be a point guard before his great growth spurt and that can easily run the floor as one still, although he’s lost most of his playmaking ability.

Davis is a top tier big man and an elite rim protector that can also torch opposing defenders as if he was just playing a scrimmage game, and he’d be the perfect complement down low for these guys on the hardwood.

Bench: Fred VanVleet, Terrance Ferguson, Wesley Matthews, Ben McLemore, Blake Griffin

Well, the experience isn’t this team’s greatest strength in the second unit, nor is size; but we’ve got some sharpshooters here that are more than capable of pushing up-tempo and kill you from beyond the arc.

Fred VanVleet isn’t the most skilled point guard in the world, but he’s proven to be more than capable of running an offense as a pass-first kind of point guard for the Toronto Raptors, and even as a starter when Kyle Lowry’s been forced to miss time.

Terrance Ferguson is a top-tier prospect that’s already shined with team USA, and he’s shown to be a terrific scorer now that the Oklahoma City Thunder’s finally loosing up his leash and feeding him some touches.

Finally, we’ve got an athletic freak in Ben McLemore, a guy that’s still waiting to have a breakout year after mightily struggling in the Kings, and Wesley Matthews, perhaps the most versatile asset on their bench for his ability to play backcourt and wing defense and consistently connect from beyond the arc.