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The Story Of Randy Foye And His Unusual Organ Condition


When you're a world-class athlete, 99% of people expect you to be at the peak of physical and mental performance 100% of the time.

No one expects NBA players, or any sports stars for that matter, to have life-altering illnesses or conditions, even if those conditions have no effect on the player's line of work at all. That's where Brooklyn Nets guard Randy Foye comes in to prove the public wrong.

Foye, who signed with Brooklyn in the summer of 2016, has a condition called 'situs inversus', something he's had since birth. Only one in every 10,000 people or so are born with the condition in the US, which causes the body to have all its internal organs reversed -- his heart is on the right, his liver is on the left, his stomach is on the right, etc.

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Foye has stated that the condition doesn't affect his performance on the court whatsoever, although he does have an increased chance at contracting bronchitis and respiratory infections due to the way his lungs are set inside his body.

The 34-year-old, who is having a down year with Brooklyn after being one of the league's deadliest three-point shooters while playing for Denver, is believed to be the only athlete in North America with situs inversus.

"A little different, right? It's cool, man, to know that I'm the only one."