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The Secret Plan Of The Los Angeles Lakers: The Super Team 2018

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If you’re going to compete in the NBA nowadays with the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers with all of the talents they have, you better put together a super team yourself if you want to have an actual shot at the ring.

So, with pretty much every single franchise in the league trying to get extremely better to try and have an actual chance against two of the best teams the league has ever seen, it’s time to plan ahead into the future and try to figure out the moves some teams need to compete.

And one team that’s desperate to go back to basketball elite as fast as they can is the Los Angeles Lakers, with Magic Johnson keen to do whatever it takes to bring the O'Brien trophy back to the Staples Center.

Today, we’ll take a look at Magic Johnson and his Los Angeles Lakers, and the aggressive moves they should make to create a super team for the 2018 season, and bring the glory days back to Los Angeles.

2017 NBA Summer


First, the Lakers obviously need to draft Lonzo Ball, an incredibly impressive talent with a Magic Johnson-esque playmaking ability on the half court. With amazing range and size at point guard, he'll be their ball handler for the future.

Second, Johnson should make the most of Butler’s willingness to leave and the Bulls’ need to rebuild, sending both Jordan Clarkson and D’Angelo Russell to Chicago in exchange of their All-Star two-way guard/forward.

With a starting lineup of Lonzo Ball, Jimmy Butler, Brandon Ingram, Julius Randle and Ivica Zubac, they will have a solid team and could play in the NBA Playoffs 2018, but they will lose in the 1st round against Golden State Warriors or the San Antonio Spurs.

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2018 NBA Summer


But, the summer of 2018 will be the most important period in the last 8 years of Laker history. Recently, Paul George informed the Indiana Pacers that he will test free agency in 2018, and will probably sign with the Lakers.

And now, that is the real big thing for Los Angeles. With Paul George, they could have a great lineup with Jimmy Butler and Lonzo Ball, but one piece would still be missing: a superstar Center or Power Forward.

How could they land the best big man in the league?

The New Orleans Pelicans will probably have a bad season next year, and they will figure out that DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis are not a good fit on the court. They will need a new rebuild, and Anthony Davis will not like that situation at all.

After so many years without championship ambition, Anthony Davis will request a trade. The Los Angeles Lakers and Magic Johnson will be there when it happens.

Come Draft night on 2018, considering Holiday and Cousins are very likely to leave the team and leave Davis on an island once again, Johnson would send Julius Randle, Ivica Zubac, Brandon Ingram and a future pick to NOLA in exchange for Anthony Davis.

Finally, the Los Angeles Lakers will have a super team with Lonzo Ball, Jimmy Butler, Paul George and Anthony Davis.

The L.A. Powerhouse will rise again and within 2 years, the San Antonio Spurs will be old and the Golden State Warriors will start to fall. The Lakers will start a season 2018/19 as the strongest contender to win the NBA Championship.