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The Round 5: Grizzlies VS Warriors

Photo Source: Getty Images

Photo Source: Getty Images

If you had any dilemmas about the MVP reward, I think that now it is clear why Steph Curry is the right choice, and not James Harden. He answered the bell at the right time when his team needed it most, in crucial game 4.

Curry was finally patient - he did not take a shot for the first eight minutes, and he waited for the game to come to him. He was more aggressive, attacking the paint and he was not satisfied with mid-range jumpers and long threes.

Warriors came out for the first time with real playoff intensity, ready to fight with physical plays and were pushing and jumping all around and over Gasol and Randolph.

I asked myself whether Kerr was one match late with all the adjustments.

Photo Source:  Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images

Photo Source: Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images

They finally started to double team, Gasol and Randolph. The first real change was Harrison Barnes guarding Z-Bo.

Draymond Green was as usual on Gasol, stopping him creating from the elbow and Bogut was ready to help wherever it was needed.

Funny, but wait, something is wrong 3, 2, 1... Who was open then?

Grindfather Allen had all the time in the world to do whatever he wanted. He missed the first few open shots, and that was a problem for the Grizzlies.

These adjustments are a real value of playoff basketball and the most beautiful thing.

Maybe it is not fair to say this, but Marreese Speight’s injury is the best thing for the Warriors in this series. He was a weakness in the defense, and he wasn't able to adapt to this slow rhythm which Memphis insists on.

Grizzlies have fallen in the hole early and, one more time, they proved they are not a great team when they need to play from behind. They were forced to shoot too many threes for their standards 18-4, poor 22%, but the biggest problem was the fact they abandoned their inside game.

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Photo Source:

Vince Carter gave them the much-needed spark from the bench instead of offensive, useless Tony Allen, but on the defensive end of the floor they lost pressure and intensity, a hard choice for coach Joerger but somebody had to put the ball in the basket.

Steve Kerr gave up on Barbosa, which is a great thing, Livingston gave them stability and Iguodala could be the X factor. Iggy even spent some time as a power forward in some smaller lineups, and he had an almost perfect game on both ends of the floor.

David Lee wasn't spectacular in 15 minutes, but his experience is a boost, and he moves in the right direction as we have seen many times, that he can be the deciding factor in tight series.

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Photo Source: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports)

Photo Source: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports)

Pick and roll Curry-Green was a nightmare for Randolph - he looked exceedingly exposed and slow, and when Green is hitting threes, it is an unsolvable problem for Memphis. He can tear them to pieces with his basketball IQ and playmaking abilities.

Grizzlies struggled to find their rhythm the whole match and the turnovers ruined them. The number was not big (16), but almost every opening game in transition for the Warriors. They will have to answer many questions after this game.

How will Randolph attack Harrison Barnes?

How will Gasol solve double teams?

What to do if Tony Allen is not able to hit open shots again?

Do they have a formula to slow down the rhythm one more time in Bay area?

How to stop Steph Curry with his new mindset?

Steve Kerr shouted from the start of the game to move the ball, and they did it very well. Basically, the game was over on the half time, but not all was perfect for them.

Somebody can say it is not important (+25 difference), but one more time Warriors showed some bad habits. They rushed some awful shots instead of melting the clock, and they were tremendously careless with the ball (21 TO).

If they want to go all the way they will need to be much smarter because this is a game of inches.

Don't kid yourself thinking this series is close to the end.

Grizzlies will be angrier than ever, they will play harder than ever, Oracle arena is loud, but every punch in the body will be louder.

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Does Tony Allen have a new message for Warriors’ fans?

There is little room for fancy tricks if you want to knock down this tough basketball team.

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