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The Most Inspiring NBA Story Ever: From Homeless To All-Star

The Most Inspiring NBA Story Ever: From Homeless To All-Star

Before becoming the huge NBA star he is nowadays, Jimmy Butler had one of the most heartbreaking, yet exciting life stories, as the Marquette product was abandoned by his father shortly after he was born in Tomball, Texas back in 1989.

Nevertheless, young Jimmy managed to stay on course and focused on sports, mainly as a football player, as he was a passionate football fan just like every other Texas kid since the first day of history, but also being quite a talented baseball player before finally settling for the hoops when he finally grew several inches.

However, things weren’t going quite so well for a young Jimmy Butler, as his own mother kicked him out of his house at the tender age of 13, making him bounce from one couch to another and spending some nights in the gym to try and avoid the streets, being homeless as a mere teenager.

Then, just after the start of his junior year, another athlete from his high school challenged him to a three-point shootout and instantly hit it off with Jimmy, inviting him to stay at his place as much as he needed to to get back on his feet.

So, after that loving family took Jimmy under his wing, the guard/forward was able to take his game to another level with the tranquility of a home, as well as improving his school life and even his relationship with his peers.

When Jimmy flourished and decided to attend Tyler Junior College, a Marquette scout spotted him while recruiting another guy and made him an offer to join his basketball program when he got the head coach gig, an offer that (of course) the youngster had to accept to try and make a living out of the sport he had learned to love.

However, his coach was extremely rough to the guard/forward, making him want to quit the game and leave the cold Wisconsin weather to go back to Texas and reunite with his new family, whom he desperately missed.

Gladly, Butler overcame that tough love and continued to grow as a two-way player, especially improving his already good defense while still kind of struggling to be a consistent jump shooter, but constantly finding ways to make a positive impact on the floor and become the ultimate difference maker for his team.

So, after blossoming for Marquette, the Bulls decided to trust Butler and chose him with the 30th pick of the 2011 NBA draft, handling his minutes very carefully during the first couple of years before completely setting him free mostly due to key injuries.

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Years went by and the Bulls decided to part ways with Luol Deng while Derrick Rose was never able to suit up or stay healthy, leaving the door wide open for a Jimmy Butler that took the league for surprise and improved his game in every single aspect on a nightly basis.

Butler was the only Chicago’s clear leader on and off the court, he’s grown into one of the most gifted two-way players in the NBA, but Chicago Bulls wanted a rebuild, so after Derrick Rose, Jimmy Butler was the next one to leave one of the best franchise in the league.

Last summer, Chicago decided to trade Jimmy Butler and the 16th pick (Justin Patton) for Zach LaVine, Kris Dunn and the 7th pick (Lauri Markkanen) pick in the 2017 NBA Draft.

Today, he is probably the 2nd most important player for the Timberwolves and we hope so he will be ready to play in the NBA Playoffs.

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