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The Milwaukee Bucks Biggest Mistake in the Past 20 Years

Credit: Bleacher Report

Credit: Bleacher Report

It was 18 years ago, and that was one of the biggest mistakes in the Milwaukee Bucks' history.

At that moment, Milwaukee had two very talented players Ray Allen and Glenn Robinson.

Both players scored almost more than 20 points per game, Ray Allen had 19.5 points and Robinson had 23.4 points per game.

They had only 36 wins, but they had a great potential and everyone knew that.

But, they made the biggest mistake in the last 20 years.

Dirk Nowitzki was drafted 9th overall by the Milwaukee Bucks and immediately traded for Robert Traylor who was the 6th pick.

Did you know that Dirk Nowitzki scored more points per game in his first season than Robert Taylor had in his career (per game)?

Robert Taylor played only 7 seasons, and after 18 years, Dirk Nowitzki is still there. He is the legend of Dallas Mavericks and their best player so far.

What do you think, how many wins the Bucks could have if they didn't trade the draft rights for Robert Taylor?

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Dirk Nowitzki, Ray Allen and Glenn Robinson. The Young Big Three could lead the Bucks at least to the two NBA Finals.

It's irony, but the Bucks played in the Eastern Conference Finals just two seasons after they made a mistake. With Sam Cassell, Ray Allen and Glenn Robinson, they lost 3-4 against Philadelphia Sixers and Allen Iverson.

Of course, Robert Taylor wasn't there. Milwaukee traded him after just two seasons.

Without Dirk Nowitzki, they played in the ECF, and what could have been if he played with Milwaukee Bucks?

They could play against Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe Bryant and Shaq O'Neal, and that could be a great series. Just imagine, Kobe and Shaq against three young players - Ray Allen, Glenn Robinson and Dirk Nowitzki. Wow, that could be very tough for the LA, but my opinion is that Lakers could still win 4-2 or 4-3.

Nowitzki led the Mavericks to 15 NBA Playoffs (2001–2012; 2014–2016), including the franchise's first Finals appearance in 2006 and only championship in 2011. He is a 13-time All-Star, a 12-time All-NBA Team member, and the first European player to start in an All-Star Game as well as the first to receive the NBA Most Valuable Player Award (2007).

Dirk Nowitzki is the best European player in the NBA history, and he is amongst Top 10 Power Forwards, as well.

Milwaukee Bucks won the only once 1st round in the NBA Playoffs in the last 18 years.That was 2001, when they played against the Sixers, but I wrote that above.

Check Dirk Nowitzki' career highlights and awards

NBA champion (2011)
NBA Finals MVP (2011)
NBA Most Valuable Player (2007)
13× NBA All-Star (2002–2012, 2014, 2015)
4× All-NBA First Team (2005–2007, 2009)
5× All-NBA Second Team (2002, 2003, 2008, 2010, 2011)
3× All-NBA Third Team (2001, 2004, 2012)
50–40–90 club (2007)
NBA Three-Point Shootout champion (2006)
NBA Shooting Stars champion (2010)
Dallas Mavericks all-time leading scorer
FIBA World Cup MVP (2002)
FIBA EuroBasket MVP (2005)
6× Euroscar Player of the Year (2002–2006, 2011)
2× FIBA Europe Men's Player of the Year (2005, 2011)
Mister Europa Player of the Year (2005)
Silbernes Lorbeerblatt (2011)
German Sports Personality of the Year (2011)