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The Lethal Squad: The Best 3-Point Shooting Team In NBA History

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Three-point shooting is a key part of modern basketball, with everybody trying to push up-tempo and spread the floor to kill from distance, as everybody just realized that if you’re not going to get a high percentage shot below the rim, it’s better to just chug it from beyond the arc.

So, having good three-point shooters on your team is a huge must nowadays, with the game oriented towards the perimeter and making those good old rim protecting big men kind of obsolete.

Nonetheless, over the course of history, we’ve seen some guys that made the three-point shot a legitimate weapon, even in an era when teams didn’t focus that much on beyond the arc offenses.

Today, we’re going to let you know about the All-Time three-point shooting team, the most deadly sharpshooters in history.

PG: Stephen Curry

Total no-brainer here. Stephen Curry has earned the right to be considered the greatest shooter in the history of this game. His quick release, high arc, and ability to just pull up off the bounce make him deadly regardless of if he’s just trying to connect on a corner three or shooting from half court.

Also, what makes Curry more impressive is the fact that he shoots three-pointers in such a high volume, that hitting 43% of his threes is just unbelievable. Also, he’s thrashed every three-point shooting related record in history, even his own.

SG: Ray Allen

Before Stephen Curry, there was Ray Allen, a guy that made a living out of his sharpshooting skills and that even gave the Miami Heat an NBA Championship with a clutch three-pointer during game 6 of the Finals.

Allen was one of the most skilled scorers of his prime and his shot was just so incredibly smooth you know it was falling right after he released it. For his career, Jesus Shuttlesworth hit over 40% of his attempts from three.

SF: Reggie Miller

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Reggie Miller was pretty much the first guy that forced defenders to aggressively close out on him on the perimeter, as everybody knew he could just pull up from beyond the arc and hit it, rather than attack the paint and shoot a mid-range shot like most shooting guards did back in the day.

Miller made a living out of killing everybody from beyond the arc and even though he was never able to put the cherry on top of the sundae with an NBA Championship, the sharpshooter will go down as the greatest player in Indiana Pacers history, scoring on almost 40% of his attempts from downtown.

PF: Peja Stojakovic

Peja Stojakovic was one of the first European players that thrived and dominated the NBA where the league was way less open to give foreign ballers a shot, and his smooth and consistent shooting made him pave his way to an NBA Championship.

Playing for the Kings, Pacers, Hornets, Raptors and Mavericks, Stojakovic shot a career 40% from three-point territory, and he was money from all over the hardwood, even connecting in 90% of his free throws over his career.

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C: Dirk Nowitzki

With a lot of strong and athletic 7 footers, Dirk Nowitzki had to be quite special to stand out from the crowd as a slow and unathletic big man that couldn’t jump, so he focused on becoming one of the deadliest shooters this league has ever seen, even developing an unblockable signature shot, the one-legged fadeaway.

Dirk shoots the ball with an unblockable arc and is just smooth as silk, scoring over 1879 three-pointers throughout his career en route to 1 MVP, 1 NBA Championship, 13 All-Star appearances and over 30 thousand career points.