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The King Squad: The Best Players Who Have Played With LeBron James

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No one has ever doubted the impact of LeBron James in the NBA since he first landed in the big league straight out of high school as one of the highest ranked prospects in the history of this beautiful game.

James instantly became a huge superstar both in Cleveland and the rest of the Association, taking all his squads to have good playoff runs while he was there. However, even the Lone Ranger has a partner that helped him every time he needed it and LeBron never was the exception.

Over his more than 10 years of career, LeBron has played alongside some very talented players that have been really helpful for the cause of James and their teams, but among those there have been some names that have exceed the label of just another teammate.

If you’re not sure about who these players are, here is our All-LeBron team, assembling some players that teamed up with LeBron whether thanks to his talents or the admiration that the King felt for them.

PG: Kyrie Irving, Mo Williams

Kyrie was seen as the inheritor of LeBron in Cleveland when he landed in the Quicken Loans Arena and as expected, it was really good news when the King announced his comeback to the team to play with Irving. As we said first, LeBron’s impact in every one of his teams has been remarkable and Kyrie is a good proof of that.

The now Boston Celtics player had the best year of his career last season, averaging 25.2 points per game, a field goal percentage of .473 in 72 games. Let’s not forget about the shot of Kyrie in Stephen Curry’s face that gave Cleveland his first title in more than 40 years.

The case of Mo Williams is curious as he entered the league the same year as LeBron. Williams has spent two periods in Cleveland playing with Bron, and again he is another proof of the talent and impact of James in any team.

During his first tenure with the team, Williams put the best numbers of his career, averaging more than 17 points per game for several seasons before leaving the Q. Then Williams joined LeBron in the Cavs again as a veteran and this time it was all about giving back all the help he offered to the king back in the day.

SG: Dwyane Wade, Ray Allen, JR Smith

We all know the history of D-Wade and LeBron and how they two teamed up in Miami to take the Heat to four consecutive finals and two titles. This was a great move for everybody that wasn’t a Cleveland Cavaliers fan, as the friendship between these two plus Chris Bosh assembled one of the best teams this league has seen in recent years. Now Wade again joined LeBron in Cleveland in order to replicate the old glories.

On the other side, Ray Allen was part of the Boston Celtics, one of LeBron’s most famous rivals, but everything went upside down when Allen announced his decision to leave Boston for Miami and that was it. Allen went from hard fighting LeBron in every playoff to help him to win the Larry O’Brien for the second time in his career.

Allen did it great with the Heat, making the shot against the San Antonio Spurs and being the main responsible for Miami’s title that year.

Finally, we have J.R. Smith, another player that was recruited by King James to play with him in his second journey in Cleveland.

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Although Smith played his best years with the New York Knicks, LeBron helped him to take his career back to life, being an important player in the squad and helping the team when required. J.R. has been consistent with his game, stating that he’s not over and mostly thanks to LeBron.

SF: Antawn Jamison, James Jones

Although Jamison played for three years with the Cavs, he only shared a season with LeBron James, but that wasn’t a reason to not thrive in Cleveland. Jamison scored 15.8 points per game with an outstanding field goal percentage of .485 in 25 games played that season.

After James’ departure Antawn had to take the leadership of the team, improving his numbers, but he never was able to be as helpful to the team as he was when LeBron still was there.

James Jones was a usual teammate of LeBron as he follows the king in both Miami and Cleveland.

Thanks to his virtues from long range, Jones became one of LeBron’s favorite players and it helped them both to reach good things. Before retiring, Jones was really helpful for both Miami and Cleveland. At some point in his career, he put a 3-point field percentage of .519, helping the Heat to get into the Finals.

Although he never had remarkable numbers, the collaboration of Jones to all of his teams is undeniable.

PF: Chris Bosh, Kevin Love, Udonis Haslem

Besides Dwyane Wade, LeBron also joined Chris Bosh in the Heat to create the famous Big Three. Bosh left the Toronto Raptors where he was a superstar to become a wingman in Miami and well, he made the right decision. Although he never equalized his Toronto numbers, Bosh lead the team with his two partners and in several occasions LeBron stated that Chris was the most important player on the team, always paying respect to the power forward.

Kevin Love was expected to be a very important player in the NBA, and so far he has been good. Back in his day with the Timberwolves, Love was a star, seen as the next leader of the franchise but some people want him for their team and LeBron James was one of those.

The Cavs managed to bring Love on board to make another big three in Cleveland alongside Kyrie Irving. Since his arrival Love has improved his field goal and 3-point field goal percentage with the Cavs, being an important agent for his team despite all the criticism.

Udonis Haslem is a living legend, no doubt about it. LeBron has the chance of playing with Haslem and he profits from that. Although he never was a player with big numbers, LeBron made him a better player, giving responsibilities to Haslem and making him an important player of the second unit of the team. Even though his prime was over, Haslem managed to improve his field goal percentage during the last year of LeBron, proving another time the impact of Bron.

C: Shaquille O'Neal, Zydrunas Ilgauskas

LeBron had the chance to play with two very good big men in Shaquille O’Neal and Zydrunas Ilgauskas. With Shaq, he only played one season where O’Neal was nearby the end of his career, but still he managed to deliver some good performances for the fans.

O’Neal created a great association with LBJ, but the years went by Shaq and he was unable to show the best of his game. Still, there was and there is now nothing but respect from LeBron to Shaq.

The case of Zydrunas Ilgauskas is not that different. Although he was through the best of his years, the Lithuanian big man was never a very talented player. He always showed his hard work on the court and somehow he helped LeBron to thrive even if James had to carry the team when the hard times arrived. Ilgauskas became a legend in Cleveland as he was sometimes the second most important player on the team behind LBJ.