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The Indiana Pacers are reportedly considering letting head coach Frank Vogel go


Indiana Pacers head coach Frank Vogel had his contract expired after this season with the Indiana Pacers. Team front office never reaches Vogel about talks for another contract negotiations.

Vogel coached the Pacers since 2011 and had a record of 250 wins and 181 losses.

Larry Bird, in his last interview, told that he's unsure about the future of Frank Vogel in Indiana:

“I don’t know what’s going to happen,” Bird said.

Vogel lead the Pacers to 2 trips in Eastern Conference and they still made into the playoffs despite losing Roy Hibbert and David West (2 of the pacers starters last year).

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Teams like the Sacramento Kings, New York Knicks and Houston Rockets will probably talk with Frank Vogel in the upcoming days.

The Kings are still looking for the head coach and maybe they should try with Frank Vogel. He played in the NBA Playoffs, he knows how to use superstars and he is a good coach for young prospects.

He helps Myles Turner in his rookie season, and in the Kings, he can develop Willie Cauley-Stein to become a better player.

The biggest problem would be the relationship with DeMarcus Cousins. But that is a problem for everyone, not just Frank Vogel.

If I were the General Manager of the Pacers, I would sign back Frank Vogel.

Vogel is an intelligent coach. He works his defensive strategies well and knows how to use shooters in his offense which only limited coaches in the NBA can do that with their players.