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The Huge Trade That Almost Happened Between The Warriors And Suns

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Stephen Curry is considered one of the best basketball players at this moment, as the Warriors point guard has only improved his game since he arrived to the NBA back in 2009. Steph has not only become one of the greatest offensive forces in the league, but he’s also improved his team, one of the most dominating squads this game has ever seen.

Curry’s journey in the Bay wasn’t easy at first, but it definitely has paid off for both parties; as he’s the main responsible for the team’s great moment and the dynasty it has become since his arrival, playing alongside big players such as Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green.

However, what would you think if I say both Stephen and his father Dell had their doubts about the Warriors and its project? It certainly happened, but luckily for everybody, they let things flow and now Curry is the leader of the most dominant team in the world.

The Warriors have nothing but love and respect for Steph; they came back to those glory days thanks to him, but back in the day Golden State might have made the worst mistake of its entire history by trading Curry to another team, giving them the chance to become the giant they are right now. This is a very interesting story and one of the biggest what if in NBA history; this one is about the night Curry could ended playing in Phoenix.

2009 wasn’t an easy year for drafting due to a number of skilled players that offseason and guess what, Curry was part of it. The former Davidson point guard charmed several teams in the league during his stay in College and not so many were sure about his availability at the time of picking.

Of course, The Warriors were one of those teams and so were the Phoenix Suns, who appeared to have a potential deal with GS in order to get Curry’s services via trade.

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Seeing the Timberwolves pass on Curry not once but twice in consecutive picks, Golden State saw his future star and decided to cancel every agreement they could have with any team. That’s how they got Stephen Curry, but the history might have been way different if they decided to put Curry on a plane to Arizona and get Amar’e Stoudemire in change.

As Paul Coro of the Arizona Republic reports, the Suns wanted to make a deal with the Warriors, so they can send Amare Stoudemire in exchange for the No. 7 pick and addition players. But Warriors reject that at the last minute.

“The Suns believed they had negotiated a deal for Golden State’s No. 7 pick and players in exchange for Amar’e Stoudemire. Their draft room exploded in cheers when Minnesota inexplicably went for point guards Ricky Rubio and Johnny Flynn with the Nos. 5 and 6 picks.

As it turned out, Golden State nixed the deal once Curry fell to that spot.

“We told Minnesota that Steph didn’t want to go there,” said Dell Curry, the ex-NBA standout who is Stephen’s father and a Hornets television color commentator. “We had no idea that they had agreed to a trade. Obviously, they couldn���t put that out. I remember (then-Suns general manager and now Curry’s Golden State coach) Steve Kerr calling me (the following morning) and saying, ‘Don’t go to the press conference. We have a trade that they reneged on.’ I’m like, ‘That’s between you guys. We’re going wherever they tell us. We can’t not go.’”

According to Steve Kerr (former Suns’ GM and current Warriors’ coach), this deal was almost set until the Warriors front office decided to call it off. Kerr used to see Curry as the point guard of the future, as the guard of Phoenix’s future, but everything fell apart as soon as they saw having Curry in their ranks was the only interest Golden State had.

“It was close,” Kerr told San Jose Mercury News columnist Tim Kawakami. “There was not a deal done, but it was tricky because of Amare’s physical situation. Because he had bad knees, any deal that we were going to make would’ve been subject to a physical.”

Phoenix had a good season after that draft night, but both Kerr and the team’s front office knew they had an aged team and were in need of some transition. Imagine what would have happened if Golden State agreed to that deal and Phoenix got Curry.

Steph, the PG of the future playing alongside the legend and PG of that time, Steve Nash would have been a lot of fun. If you ask me, that would have been the best tutelage for Curry, but just as I said before, this remains as one of the biggest “what ifs” in NBA history.