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The Future That Every Cleveland Cavaliers Fan Want To See

Credit: Andy Yung

Credit: Andy Yung

There is no question whether the Cavaliers are a good team, despite the departure of Kyrie Irving. The team has brought back LeBron James, who promised - and delivered - titles to his hometown. The Cavaliers also signed Dwyane Wade this off-season, in an attempt to bring back the dup that dominated in their Heat days. Both players have taken well care of their bodies over the years, and I wouldn't be surprised if they played at least 5 more years.

Besides team-mates, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade are also very close friends, and so are their kids. LeBron James Jr. is 13 years old, while Zaire Wade is 15, so with a little luck, they just might be able to play in the NBA at the same time as their fathers. Wouldn't it be nice if the Cavaliers managed to draft both Zaire and Bronny? After all, it's not like the boys don't know how to ball, they have already turned heads since a couple of years back.

LeBron James is walking in his 32nd year of life, and despite his impeccable athletic abilities, he has also taken very good care of his body. We have seen him doing all sorts of treatments over the years, especially during the off-season. LeBron has been seen using machines that look like they have been created by NASA (well some of them have), like a cryo-chamber. He is really determined to play till his forties, and he has already stated that he would love to play at the same time with his son, Bronny.

Bronny is his father's son no doubt, and specialists say that he is better than his father at the age of 12. Besides the good genes inherited by his father, Bronny has a profound talent in passing and scoring alike. Just a quick search about his talents will convince you that he is bound to be a lottery pick at some point in the future. He has already garnered interest from some of the top colleges (Kentucky, Ohio State) since the age of 9, and it doesn't look like it's slowing down anytime soon.

He will be Draft eligible around 2026 when LeBron James Sr. will be 40+ years old. Looking at how he has taken care of his body, there is a good chance he will still be playing basketball when his son is expected to be drafted. If he commits to staying to the Cavaliers till then, it will be the first time in history that a father and his son will be playing on the same team. To be more precise, it will be the first time that a father and son will be playing in the NBA at the same time.

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Now let's take a look at Dwyane Wade and his son, Zaire Wade, who is expected to hit the NBA draft even earlier. Zaire is now 15 years old, and already standing at 6'2" (1.88 cm), and he has just as much bounce as his father. There are videos of him dunking in Cavaliers gear, in the Cavs' home ground, so that might be a prelude to his destination when he is draft eligible.

However, Dwyane Wade is now 35 years old, and it might be a long shot for him and his son to co-exist in the NBA. That might be a far-fetched idea, but Dwyane Wade is still going strong this season. His Flash days might be behind him, but he still shows flashes of his old self every now and then.

One thing is certain, both these kids have a ton of talent, and it is highly likely that they will make it to the NBA. However, their fathers have around 5 more years of basketball in them, and they just might play long enough to make history.

Both LeBron and Wade are devoted athletes, and fathers. They have stated on numerous occasions that they love spending time with their sons, and who wouldn't? LeBron and his son have already concocted secret handshakes, and he is really determined to give his son all that his own father didn't. Zaire and Dwyane are also very close, in fact so close, that Zaire was playing 1-on-1 matches against Jimmy Butler when Wade was still in Chicago. Butler said that Zaire Wade would not stop trash-talking during the match, so besides talent, the kid's got an attitude.

So what is the next step for these talented youngsters? Well, given their pedigree as sons of two major names in the NBA, they will surely produce a lot of interest in the years to come. They will need to choose an appropriate college, and since Bronny is already in talks with John Calipari of Kentucky, there is a good chance they will seal the deal.

In any case, Cavaliers fans should be ready to see more history being made in the next 5 years or so. If Dwyane Wade can stay healthy and play in his forties, we just might see him and Zaire paired up really soon. However, I believe that LeBron James Sr. has taken a lot more care of his body than Wade has, and my money is that he and Bronny will be the first father-son to play in the NBA at the same time. But wouldn't it be great if both LeBron James and Dwyane Wade welcomed their sons to the Cavaliers? It is almost poetic, the previous generation welcoming the next, handing them the torch before retiring.