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NBA Playoffs 2015: Hawks VS Wizards

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Nobody expects that Washington Wizards will waiting for Atlanta Hawks for the 2nd round of the NBA Playoffs 2015.

Atlanta Hawks: We Play Together

Brooklyn Nets played well against the Hawks and nobody expects they will take 2 wins against the Hawks.

If Atlanta can maintain "play like a team" model, they can beat everyone in the East. But, we just saw what playoffs can do. The hard games, with intensity, in the playoffs - nobody cares if you are 1st or 8th seed. You must prove yourself on the court. Every second, every minute and every quarter.

In the first round, Hawks were played with pressure and with a fear of the elimination, and they had a problem. Maybe you don't know, but the Hawks (1969-2015) never played before in the Eastern Conference Final, even with Dominique Wilkins.

They can win only if they play together. Share the ball, Jeff Teague breaking defense and passing the ball outside of the paint for Kyle Korver. shoooot and threeee points for Atlanta Hawks!!!

They must play together, inside the paint: Horford and Milsap, create the action for each other. DeMarre Carroll is the X Factor in the every game in the playoff.

Where is Dennis Schroder? I read that he has some voters for the 6th man of the year. Where is he? Starting lineup can play 35-42 minutes, but bench must take care the rest of the game.

Atlanta Hawks can play real excellent basketball, and they prove that in the regular season. But, now - who cares about regulars season and 3-1 for the Hawks? Ask John Wall about that. He doesn't care.

Yes, of course - the Hawks are the favorite against Wizards. They have home court advantage, but I don't expect easy series against John Wall & Co.

Paul Millsap had played very well on the road. But, he and Horford are playing against Nene and Gortat.

Jeff Teague against John Wall. Kyle Korver against Bradley Beal. DeMarre Carroll against the Truth?

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We have here very interesting matchups and the home court is a big advantage. If Hawks beat the Wizards two times in the row, they will have significant results when they come to the Verizon Center.

Washington Wizards: The Playoff Intensity 2.0.

When you beat Toronto Raptors 4-0, what you can say about that team? Washington Wizards has the playoff intensity, and they develop that strength from the last season.

John Wall proved his character, and he is one of the most underrated point guards in the league. Let be honest: Bradley Beal is also underrated shooting guard.

Nobody talks about Nene Hilario and Marcin Gortat. Nobody respect their defense in the paint.

Juwan Howard, Gilbert Arenas, Antawn Jamison, Larry Hughes - they never played in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Can the Wizards beat the Hawks?

Of course, they can. The Wizards are playing with a fire. Without fears, with intensity and they are playing with a passion and heart. They are fighting for every ball and they respect every action on the court with a lot of dedication.

You can't underrate team with Paul Pierce in the roster. He is the Truth. And he is the champion. He knows how to play the big games.

John Wall and Bradley Beal? The first is one of the fastest guards in the league. The second one is a magnificent shooter, and he can play against Kyle Korver.

If Washington Wizards surprise Atlanta Hawks in the first two games, they will have good chances for the Eastern Conference Finals.

They must play the high defense and the offense with a patience and smart action around the rim.

They are younger than Hawks, and they can use counter-attack, but John Wall must control his turnovers.

Fadeaway Prediction by Alonzo Warond: Wizards in 7 games.