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The Crazy Reason Why LeBron James Is Beating Father Time


Age may be just a number, but it's a very important one.

For ordinary folk, 33 is the prime of their lives, with many, many years left to dream big, go forward, and make strides in their pursuit of a well-fulfilled life.

But for NBA league superstar LeBron James, 33 means he is nearing the end of a fantastic, and historic, career. Usually, as is the case with most athletes, the mid to late 30's is a period of decline, with many different sports stars calling it quits before they even hit 35. Father time, you see, is an unbeatable force that comes for us all.

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Still, it doesn't mean LBJ can't at least put it off for a little bit longer. And that's exactly what he's doing.

In a tweet by HoopsHype's Alex Kennedy, he explains the depth of the lengths King James goes through to keep his body in peak form at 33-years-old:

As Kennedy points out, LeBron puts in an insane amount of money, time, and energy to ensure he can still dominate the game at such an advanced age.

Father time will, of course, have its day eventually. Not even Lebron can avoid it forever. But if anybody is better than him at keeping his body primed for success, we haven't seen it yet.