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The Cleveland Cavaliers Lead The NBA In This Category, And It's Not A Good Sign


It's fair to say that the Cleveland Cavaliers have had a rough start to their 2017-18 campaign.

The Cavs have started out 3-4 to begin the season -- dreadful for LeBron standards -- and sit 10th in the Eastern Conference, including losses to the Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks.

Many factors can be attributed to Cleveland's slow start, including subpar coaching from Tyronn Lue, various injuries, lineup changes, and a lack of defensive effort. All of these are valid points to make, and if the Cavs want to turn things around, they better do so quickly, because according to this one statistic, their championship window may be closing sooner than every other team in the league.

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The Cleveland Cavaliers are the oldest team in the NBA by over a whole year, with an average roster age of 29.5 years, beating out the likes of the San Antonio Spurs, who have an average age of 28.5 years.

Obviously, signing players such as Dwyane Wade (35) and Derrick Rose (29) in the offseason, while trading away their young star in the form of Kyrie Irving (25) wouldn't have helped their age gap one bit, not to mention still holding onto the likes of Kyle Korver (36) and Channing Frye (34) just to name a few.

When you look at the other end of the spectrum however, it's not all bad news for the Cavs. Some of the youngest teams in the league include the Chicago Bulls (24.0), Los Angeles Lakers (24.3), and the Philadelphia 76ers (24.4), all of whom aren't expected to perform this season, whereas the older teams, such as the Cavs, Spurs and Warriors (27.9) are all championship contenders, meaning to compete in the NBA, experience is almost a necessity.

While leading the league in average age isn't a death sentence, it will come back to bite Cleveland if they don't try and get younger through the draft and free agency, especially if LeBron leaves at the end of this season.