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The Chemistry of Champions

Photo Credit: deezydesigns

Photo Credit: deezydesigns

The City of Cleveland didn't taste any championships in major USA sports since 1964 NFL title (pre-Super Bowl). It's hard to watch your favorite city have a championship drought in the last 52 years.

"In 2007, the Cavaliers advanced to the NBA Finals in the city's first championship game since the 1997 World Series, but were swept by the San Antonio Spurs. The Cleveland Cavaliers again lost the NBA Finals 4-2 against the Golden State Warriors in their first NBA Finals appearance since 2007. In 2004, ESPN named Cleveland the most tortured sports city in America."

Coming from a 4-2 Finals loss without Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, this team is now hungry to win a championship with the leadership of their new head coach Tyronn Lue.

The Cavaliers are undefeated this post-season having a 6-0 record. This is really impressive for the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James

The Most Important: Chemistry

One of the biggest problem for the team is their superstars can't exist together. In this playoffs, the problems about their chemistry are solved so far. They are playing together and sharing the ball without selfishness.

Kyrie now can facilitate at the best during his career and now can consistently hit 3pts as well. Kevin Love is now back on the double-double machine. Even though he doesn't score so many points, he's rebounding well in this post-season with an average of 12 rebounds per game. And lastly, with LeBron still playing at the highest level, the team is now motivated to play like a champion.

Tristan Thompson's improvement on defense is a key for the Cavs, and JR Smith is playing like the x-factor in this playoffs so far.

Smith moves up as the playoff leader in 3-point field goals made per game at 4.7 behind Warriors' Klay Thompson at 4.4 and Cavs guard Kyrie Irving at 3.8.

Smith is averaging 14.8 points during the playoffs and shooting 52.8 percent from the arc.

"My teammates keep telling me when I'm open to shoot it more," said Smith to TNT sideline reporter Lewis Johnson. "I feel like I'm open most of the time, so I shoot it."

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The Rotation

Team's rotation is one of the main problems for the Cavaliers. But after their 1st round series against the Detroit Pistons, Coach Lue find the way to solve this problem.

He really made Kyrie Irving and LeBron James as the main facilitator of the team. Kyrie played a scoring and facilitator type of player on the Cavs' offensive strategy and that's why he had an easy work on putting guys behind Irving and LeBron.

Cavaliers had the record with 25 three-pointers made, against the Atlanta Hawks which is pretty impressive. They rebound the ball well and had a good defensive strategy in the both ends of the court.

The bench lineup with Matthew Dellavedova, Iman Shumpert, Richard Jefferson, Channing Frye and Timofey Mozgov could play against every bench on the Eastern Conference.

They have enough experience and with Dellavedova and Shumpert defense, they can lock down almost every bench backcourt in the league.

The NBA Finals 2016

I think the Cavaliers can go out in the East as the Conference champions. They are stronger than Miami Heat and they have more experience than Toronto Raptors.

With the home court advantages, they need to win only one road game. If they can defend their court, the NBA Finals is the only one step from LeBron James and Cleveland Cavaliers.

I'm pretty sure that they can have a good matchup against the winner of the Western Conference.

Maybe they will have a better chance against San Antonio Spurs, because Warriors have 4 players in the rotation who are playing well, so maybe the best solution for LeBron James would be 4th NBA Finals against Gregg Popovich and Tim Duncan.

If they play against Oklahoma City Thunder, I think that LeBron James will win his 3rd NBA title.

He has 2-6 in the NBA Finals, so far. He lost twice against the Spurs, and once against the Warriors and the Mavericks. Maybe this season is the real one for the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James.