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The Best Team In The NBA: LeBron James And 4 His Clones

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Ever since entering the league as the 1st overall pick in the mythical 2003 NBA Draft, LeBron James has been a synonym of consistency, improvement, dominance and ability to almost single-handedly lead his teams to the highest of levels.

James has already earned the rights to be considered the best small forward in the history of the game, a top 10 (and arguably top 5) player in basketball history, and has obviously a granted spot in the Hall of Fame as a first-ballot inductee.

But what makes him even more impressive is the fact that he’s still doing amazing things at age 32, getting better and better with the years despite a huge workload, becoming one of the most durable players in the history of the game, never missing more than 8 games through an entire campaign in 15 seasons in the Association.

Winner of 3 NBA Championships, 3 NBA Finals MVP, the Rookie of the Year, 4 MVPs, 13 All-Stars, 2 All-Star MVPs, 5 NBA All-Defensive squads, 11 All-NBA squads, 1 Scoring title, 3 golden and 2 bronze medals with team USA and leading scorer in Cleveland Cavaliers history, LeBron’s legacy goes beyond the court and it just feels like he still has a lot to give to basketball fans.

And, as he’s stated earlier in the season, his versatility has been a key to his success. James recently stated that he actually learned to play every position, and that’s why he’s such a terrific playmaker, because he always knows where his teammates have to be.

Today, we’re going to let our imagination fly and wonder how an All-LeBron squad would fare in modern NBA, so if you’re a King James fan, sit down and enjoy.

PG: LeBron James

LeBron is one of the best playmakers in the history of the game, a master of the skip pass, and his ability to read opposing defenses and find cutting teammates have earned him hundreds of crosscourt assists as well.

A point forward with a Magic Johnson kind of talent, LeBron James has posted career averages of 7.5 dimes and is always the team’s primary ball handler, and he’s managed to record 57 triple doubles through his career, 7th all time.

SG: LeBron James

LeBron James has often been compared to Michael Jordan, and even though he’s bigger, stronger and maybe not as good of a shooter, he’s also used to play at the two in some sets and with his length, he’d be deadly guarding opposing SGs.

This season LeBron has shown vast improvement from beyond the arc as well, shooting 40% from deep on almost 5 shots from deep compared to his lifetime 34%. With his 2 way ability and all the moves he copied from the GOAT, he’d be an instant fit at the 2 as well.

SF: LeBron James

Obviously, this one’s LeBron’s natural position, so we’ve got a no-brainer here. James is bigger than most of his opposition, and he’s a great wing stopper as well, one of the best defenders in the game when he’s focused.

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James can thrive driving to the lane and takes whatever he wants when he cuts to the rim, and he’s been always quite good from the corners despite not being the smoothest shooter. Besides, with his ball-handling abilities, he makes everybody around him way better.

PF: LeBron James

Power Forward James is the most common James to watch come playoff time because of the small ball sets, and he’s deadly in the elbows and stronger than most of the tweener power forwards and stretch fours the game features nowadays.

James can take everybody to school with his feet game and would open up a lot of space for shooters beside him with opposing defenses double and triple guarding him whenever he gets the rock in the elbow.

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C - LeBron James

LeBron is actually tall enough to play the 5, and he’s strong enough to thrive at it as well, especially with the 7 footers slowly losing ground in modern basketball, and he’s one of the deadliest scorers in the world from below the rim.

Besides, LeBron is a great shot blocker for his position (0.8 per game at the 3) so you know he’s a great rim protector as well, and his signature chase-down blocks have constantly made the highlight reels through his successful NBA career.

LeBron James Against The World


For all the reasons aforementioned, the most complete player in the world would go an undefeated 82 and 0 in the regular season and 16-0 in the playoffs. With his basketball IQ and ability to make adjustments, not even the Spurs, Rockets or Warriors could take a 5 LeBron James squad. Let’s break it down.

The King already knows what it's like to beat the San Antonio Spurs, and even though he respects them a lot, you know that he’s never going to forget the humiliation he suffered in his first NBA Finals when San Antonio whooped the Cavs’ butt and swept them, or the fact that Kawhi Leonard almost single-handedly finished his Miami Heat stint, so that’s definitely an extra boost.

Talking about revenge, who’s angriest at the Golden State Warriors other than James? The Dubs have on 2 out of 3 finals against the King, and considering how he’s suited, he’d be a deadly matchup against them. He’s capable of pushing up-tempo, and that small ball lineup featuring just LeBron’s would match up perfectly in both ends of the hardwood against them.

And finally, what could be a better motivation for LeBron James than playing against one of his biggest buddies? Given the scenario of a hypothetical final against the Houston Rockets with Chris Paul in their ranks, who would know him better than a guy that’s used to work out with him and spend quality time during the holidays? Besides, James already torched Harden once, and there’s absolutely no reason to think he couldn’t do it again.