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The Beard vs The Beast: What We Learned

Westbrook vs. Harden

What a sight it was, to watch two of the games greatest stars battle it out to the bitter finish. In perhaps one of the best games of the year, James Harden and Russell Westbrook put just about everything on the line. The Beard evidently lead the Rockets to victory, the final score being 118-116. But what did we learn from last night epic showdown?

We got a glimpse of just how good James Harden is. His 26 point, 12 rebound night was just enough for his team to get the win. We saw his slick passes, his smooth shot, and a certain swagger about him that only the best see to show. We are in an age of Harden, and last night was just another reason why he is quickly becoming one of the best players in the league. Yes, it was just one game. But he does this sort of thing every night, and if a fellow superstar like Westbrook couldn’t stop him, then it’s obviously more than a hot streak. Long story short, Harden dominated and won a game on the biggest stage, against his biggest competitor.

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We also discovered that the Rockets are legit. It’s no fluke. They were able to contain Westbrook when it counted the most, all while keeping their own offense efficient. If Houston keeps up this high level of play, they could make it far in the postseason. At 28-9 this season, Houston has a legit chance to grab the second seed in the Western Conference. Their consistency has been astonishing and has us fearing them more every game. The big question now us just how far this squad can go… what is this team's ceiling?

It’s just one game, of course. It was some great entrainment… but it was so much more. It showed us who could save the day when the pressure was at its highest. In the end, James Harden proved to us why he should be the NBA MVP, and who are we to disagree?


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