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The 7 Most Underpaid NBA Players Today

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Fadeaway World

When you’re an NBA player, you know you’re getting a lot of cash if you manage to be a productive guy or even barely make the rotation, earning way more money than you could if you had your regular tie and suit job.

Obviously, highest rated players get highest paying deals, although that tendency to overpay for players has definitely raised at the very same time the Cap Salary Space also goes up, allowing teams to spend way more money in players that more often than not don’t even deserve it.

In the meantime, other guys that completely overplayed their projected draft stock and rose as NBA stars wind up getting little cash due to their rookie contracts, as being drafted late in the 1st round or early on the 2nd doesn’t get you that much money when you stamp your signature in your first couple of NBA deals.

And that’s the main reasons why some of the current NBA stars or rising players are actually huge bargains for their teams, producing a lot in exchange for a little, so today we’ll name the top 7 most underpaid NBA players.

Patrick Beverley - $5 million dollars


If you think about the league’s elite point guards, you definitely won’t have Patrick Beverley at the top of your list, but because it’s all about points and crafty moves in the league nowadays, and that’s a huge mistake.

As a matter of fact, Beverley is an elite player on the defensive end of the court, while also being a more than decent playmaker, and the fact that he’s only making a mere 5 million dollars per year is a huge bargain.

Avery Bradley - $8 million dollars

(AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell)

(AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell)

Avery Bradley has surged as one of the league’s best two-way players, especially during the course of this past season, where he earned the respect of peers and rivals with his outstanding backcourt defense that helped the Boston Celtics that much.

Now, being sent on a salary clear deal to the Detroit Pistons in order to make room for the Gordon Hayward signing, Van Gundy has put his hands on a huge steal, a guy that can play 3 positions, guard pretty much everybody in the backcourt and that only gets 8 million per year.

Klay Thompson - $17 million dollars


If we talk about players that are definitely in the shadows of other stars, the first guy that comes to mind has to be Klay Thompson, a player that could be any team’s go-to-guy with his offensive versatility and ability to shoot lights out.

Sadly for him, he’s only making 17 million a season, although he can’t complain after winning a couple of rings with the Golden State Warriors. Still, being an elite defender and shooter as he is, he should be definitely getting way more than that.

DeMarcus Cousins - $18 million dollars

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DeMarcus Cousins is definitely one of the league’s best big men, being a standout scorer that can put a lot of points against the league’s best rim protectors as a dominant presence in the post or pulling up from distance.

Still, he’s only making 18 million dollars per year, although that’s definitely going to change in a couple of years when he’s finally an unrestricted free agent, as he’s one of the league’s biggest stars and should be treated as such.

Isaiah Thomas - $6 million dollars

Getty Images

Getty Images

Isaiah Thomas’ story is one that should be remembered every time someone tries to kill your buzz and your dreams, especially if you’re a tweener short guy that wants to make it in the land of giants.

Still, being drafted with the last pick of the 2011 NBA draft and after the Kings and the Suns practically gave him away, he’s surged as one of the league’s elite scorers and the league leader in 4th quarter points despite making roughly 6 million dollars per year.

Draymond Green - $17 million dollars


Draymond Green fell all the way to the second round during draft night despite being one of the best players and the ultimate leader of his Michigan State squad, and he didn’t have much of an impact during his first couple of NBA seasons.

But, with Steve Kerr’s arrival to the Bay, his role became a key element in Golden State’s success, being another playmaker on the court as well as becoming one of the league’s best defenders, being able to guard all 5 positions and only earning 17 million dollars.

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Kawhi Leonard - $18 million dollars

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Mandatory Credit: Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

And our most undervalued guy has to be Kawhi Leonard, who’s only making 18 million dollars per game despite becoming the San Antonio Spurs most important piece and winning the NBA FInals MVP honors.

Kawhi is the guy that guards LeBron James the best and he can also put a lot of points in a lot of different ways, and he’s blossomed in one of the league’s greatest talents, improving year after year due to his impeccable work ethic.