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The 5 Perfect Players To Pair With LeBron James

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

LeBron James is perhaps the best player of our generation and he’s been the ultimate King of the East over the past decade, constantly leading his teams to the NBA finals with practically zero competition.

And with all that talk about super teams and what the Golden State Warriors have done with the signing of Kevin Durant, it would be awesome to wonder how some players would fare if they actually played alongside the best baller of the past decade.

But, with most stars in the Western Conference and Bron not playing for Team USA, it’s going to be difficult to actually see this happen. That’s why, today we’ll tell you the 5 best players to pair with the King, so let your imagination flow and enjoy.

5. Stephen Curry


Could you just imagine this? With LeBron handling the playmaking duties and opening a lot of space on his drives to the basket to leave a wide open Stephen Curry beyond the arc. Come’on, this would be just a shooting practice or else they would just get smashed in the paint by Bron’s strength.

4. DeMarcus Cousins

Cousins Cavaliers

This was actually quite close to happening during the last season, as the Cavs were keen to bring Boogie to the Q in exchange for Kevin Love, but the move fell apart and he winds up playing for the Pelicans. Cousins is the most talented big man in the league and with his determination to leave and ability to dominate the paint, he’d be just the perfect big guy to pair with Bron, being an incredible scorer and great rebounder while also playing above the average defense.

3. Zaza Pachulia

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He is the real MVP of Golden State Warriors. LeBron James would like to have a player like Zaza. Because he’d just break everybody’s ankles if they’re losing in Game 1 of the series. He is a better ankle breaker than Kyrie Irving. Ha.

2. Russell Westbrook

Breaking: Russell Westbrook Is Named The 2017 NBA MVP

This would be completely insane, as the defending MVP is playing the best ball of his career and even if he’s been quite a ball hogger for much of his career, this 1-2 punch with LeBron would be just unfair. With both these guys constantly attacking the paint, how could any single defense on earth contain both? Their probably the best cutters in the NBA, and with that kind of athleticism, fans would thrive with those alley-oops like when he played alongside Wade.

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1. Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant Golden State Warriors

Let’s just hope that this doesn’t happen or the NBA would just have to be shut down as this wouldn’t be fair to anybody, considering their the best players of the last decade and Durant is perhaps the best player in the league right now, so we all expect them to continue to be rivals and see if we get yet another GSW vs. CLE in the Finals.