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The 5 Biggest Favorites For The 2020 NBA Finals

The 5 Biggest Favorites For The 2020 NBA Finals

The 2020 NBA season is one of the most competitive seasons the league has ever had. Many teams stepped up, and for the first time in many years, numerous teams have a chance for the top spot and of winning it all.

Some of the teams have distanced themselves and increased their chances of clinching a playoff position, unlike in previous years where only two teams dominated.

So who are the biggest favorites for the Eastern or Western Conference? Teams that stand out include Bucks, Celtics, Raptors, Lakers and Clippers. They are the favorites in many online platform bookmakers’ betting odds.

Milwaukee Bucks

Middleton & Giannis

The Bucks are a force to recon in the East. The current Eastern Conference leaders are at 53-12 SU through 65 games. As per Bet365, they have an 11/2 chance of being the East champs. They were the first team to secure a place in the playoffs this season and are one of the only four teams to qualify so far. They have a good shooting percentage and currently rank second behind the Lakers.

Reigning MVP Giannis Antentokoumpo is the vital piece that holds the team together. He has contributed tremendously to the team’s success. He has improved his skills, and that is why his name is still in this season’s MVP talks. His teammates Kris Middleton and Eric Bledsoe have also been great performers but are not consistent.

If Milwaukee wants to be successful this season, his teammates need to reduce the burden and pressure off Giannis. If Giannis can improve his jump shot, the Bucks stand a good chance of winning the Eastern Conference battle with a -225 odds.

Boston Celtics

Brown & Tatum

It’s been a while since the Celtics were in the Finals. Even after losing Kyrie and Al Harford, the Celtics have proved many critics wrong by winning 43 out of 64 games.

They currently sit at 3rd place; multiple betting bookmakers favor them over the Raptors with an average betting odds of +600. Betfair is favoring them to be named the East Champions by offering 7/2 odds.

If you are rooting for the Celtics and want to place a bet for them, visit this site and learn about online sports betting offers. The Celtics can dominate the East because they are great both offensively and defensively.

They stand a chance to win the Eastern Conference and thus cannot be ruled out. Some of its players dealt with injury, and their top players didn’t play together in many games. Despite this, Kemba Walker, Tatum, Brown and Hayward have worked well in ensuring that their team poses a challenge to other teams.

Los Angeles Lakers

LeBron & AD
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The race is not that open in the West, but many bookmakers are backing the Lakers. The Lakers are consensus favorites to come out top in the Western Conference with odds of +110 to +125 increasing their possibility. The Lakers seem to have won the Anthony Davis trade. The powerful duo of AD and James has helped propel the Lakers into the top seed in the very competitive Western Conference. Their physiques work in their favor, Davis’ height and James’ athleticism is problematic for other teams to deal with both inside and outside the parameter.

James is a great leader and playmaker, and his influence on a team is evident throughout his playoffs history. Even though he had to switch positions and no longer plays as a power forward, he instead makes plays for his teammates.

Davis is excellent on both ends of the floor, and he plays well offensively and defensively. Lakers management has surrounded the duo with talented and experienced players such as Caruso, Green and Howard. They have all stepped up their game.

Lakers have the best shooting percentage in the league. They are the only team from the West so far to clinch a spot in the playoffs. If they can stay injury-free and continue with this momentum, they’ll be unstoppable.

Toronto Raptors

Top 10 Candidates For 2018-19 NBA Most Improved Player Award Pascal Siakam

Another team to be on the right side of the .500 is Toronto Raptors. They are third on the Eastern Conference betting odds table at +800.

Who would have thought that after Leonard’s departure that the Raptors had a chance? The reigning champions are still shining and are serious contenders. They’ve been playing exceptionally well with last season’s Most Improved Player Paskal Siakam putting up huge numbers. Together with the leadership of Kyle Lowry, the Raptors have shown how strong they are.

Vleet, Ibaka and Powell are also leading the pack. Their primary challenge has been injuries, and their starting five haven’t played together in the majority of their games. Regardless, they sit comfortably at second with a 46-18 record. They face main competition from these teams that have also been solid throughout the season; Philadelphia 76ers whose odds to win the title is +1500, Miami +1800 and Pacers +3000.

Los Angeles Clippers

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

The Clippers sit slightly behind Lakers with a +200 odds. Remember the Clippers haven’t been to the Finals ever in franchise history.

This season things were different and they got a shot at it. Clippers are 44-20 through 64 games. Kawhi is a dominant force in the team’s performance. They have Paul George too, who unfortunately missed countless games due to injury. Both players are great defensively and offensively.

Luckily, the Clippers’ bench is superb and don’t solely depend on these two players. Louis Williams, who won 6th man of the year last season is still performing well. Other notable mentions include Patrick Beverly, Montrezi Harrell, and Marcus Morris. Clippers showed their prowess by beating their rivals Lakers twice this season. With the backing of a great and experienced coach in Doc Rivers, the LA Clippers are favorites of the Western Conference.

Both Lakers and Clippers face stiff competition from Utah Jazz (+1400), with the likes of Mike Conley, Mitchell, Gobert posing as threats.

The Rockets also stand a chance with a +700 odds thanks to the dynamic duo of Westbrook and Harden. Another strong team not to ignore is Nuggets who are at a +850. These are the teams to look out for since they sit close together on the charts. Their final seeding will hugely affect their playoffs and ultimately their finals journey. Many fans would love to watch a Clippers/Lakers match up and the odds it happening is high.