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The 2017-18 NBA MVP Could Be Someone Nobody Predicted


With the Warriors absolutely destroying the Nuggets on Saturday night, the team moved into a tie for 1st place in the West.

It looks like, to surprise, the Warriors are back. Despite a slow start, and a few head-scratching losses, the team looks to be getting back into form.

But in the midst of this dazzling new season, one factor is going shockingly unnoticed: the Steph Curry factor.


With guys like Antetokounmpo, Griffin, and LeBron getting all the headlines, Steph Curry finds himself in the backdrop for the first time in years. After most called him the new face of basketball, he suddenly finds himself as an underdog.

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Whether by fatigue of the Warriors or just by some weird fluke, Curry hasn't gotten nearly the attention he deserves in the first 10 games of the season.

If this trend continues, Steph could have the quietest MVP caliber season ever. But his number prove that he is more than worthy of consideration.

Just to put it into perspective, Curry is averaging 27.2 points, 4.9 rebounds, and 6.1 assists on 49% shooting. For a guy that's gotten very little attention so far this year, those are pretty insane stats.

It's easy to see that Steph is at least deserving of MVP consideration honors. the bigger question now becomes whether or not the Golden State guard can actually win it.

Will he beat out other top performers, and shock the world?

For what it's worth, Curry has proven time and time again that it's never wise to bet against his amazing talent.