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Team That Would Self-Implode In 10 Seconds

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Ego is always a huge factor in major competitive sports, as these athletes grew up always being - by far - the team’s most talented player and go-to-guy during high school and college, and ever since they cash their first paycheck as NBA players, things get even worse.

Handling a sports team is quite hard, mostly because you have to deal with a lot of different personalities, different egos and players are pretty much forced to spend time together rather than actually having the choice to do so.

Obviously, chemistry makes take a huge toll whenever two or more hard-nosed guys are on the same room for over 6 months, or when you have a lot of players who like to party a little bit too much or have a big mouth when it comes to calling out his teammates.

Through years, we’ve seen some players mess with the locker room’s chemistry and constantly find trouble anywhere they go, so today, we’re going to create a roster featuring the most problematic players in the league, a team that would be destroyed in 10 seconds.

10. Rajon Rondo

Kobe Bryant tried to give a compliment to Rajon Rondo calling him an asshole because he didn’t care for anybody else’s opinion, and ironically, Rondo was actually flattered and agreed with the Black Mamba a couple of seasons ago.

Rondo’s a really tough guy to deal with, he always thinks he’s right and he won’t hesitate to call out any one of his teammates or even his coach with the media or take slight shots at them on Instagram either, and he’s broken pretty much every single locker room he’s ever set foot on, even the 2008 NBA Championship team.

9. JR Smith

Just to be fair, we gotta give it to JR Smith: He’s really calmed down ever since joining the Cleveland Cavaliers, perhaps because -as he states- he’s now living on a calmed town and the city’s nightlife is nothing compared to New York’s.

Smith likes to party hard and has had several misconduct incidents throughout his entire career, so perhaps putting him next to other volatile teammates won’t be the best idea if you’re trying to build a winning project.

8. Joakim Noah

Joakim Noah is an extremely loud and vocal leader, but not many players have been a fan of their passionate personality, mostly because he tends to swear a lot and call everybody out in the middle of a game if he believes things are going south.

Also, Noah’s constantly complaining during media sessions and has even made fun of the city of Cleveland, gotten into altercations with Jeff Hornacek, told referees the F-word and the list goes on.

7. Dwight Howard

Don’t let his huge presence and built up body fool you: Dwight Howard is soft, he’s always been soft, and he’s always going to be soft, and if you don’t take our word for it, just ask Kobe Bryant what he thinks of Superman.

Howard doesn’t take matters seriously and is always fooling around, and that kind of attitude made his career stall and he has no true fan base rooting for him anymore. Also, he tends to lose his cool when things aren’t going his way, and he even had a lot of problems with his so-called longtime friend James Harden. He’s just not trustworthy.

6. DeMarcus Cousins

DeMarcus Cousins is a fierce competitor, but he’s not the most assertive person you may find on an NBA hardwood, and his determination to win and lead his team to the ultimate stage constantly causes him to say the wrong thing.

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Cousins has always had an attitude and that’s always been the biggest problem with him. He always gets frustrated and racks ups technicals because of his spoiled behavior and a big mouth, and he’s not the kind of player you’d like to see on the locker room following a blowout loss.

5. Patrick Beverley

Patrick Beverley is a tough man, and it is what it is. If you wanna know how Beverley is, just watch him watch a top-notch point guard and you’ll get the answer: he’s just the kind of person that’s trying to immediately get into your head.

Beverley isn’t afraid of anybody and won’t back down, and he’s not going to hesitate to speak his mind either. Obviously, his pesky defense is always welcome in any locker room, but he’s not the kind of easy-going fella you would want as a travel partner.

4. Lonzo Ball

Lonzo Ball entered the league with a lot of hype surrounding him because of what he did at Chino Hills and UCLA, and he hasn’t disappointed thus far during his rookie campaign, as he’s had a terrific impact in both ends of the floor and is looking like the Lakers’ point guard for the future.

Nonetheless, he carries an extremely heavy baggage with him: his father. LaVar Ball is the kind of guy that believes there’s no such thing as bad publicity, so he won’t hesitate to call out Zo’s teammates, coaches or anybody he believes isn’t doing things right for his son to shine, and that’s going to grant Lonzo a lot of detractors along the way and several enemies in the locker room as well.

3. LeBron James

Ok, LeBron James is arguably the most talented player in the world, but he can’t fool anybody with his humblebragging, as he’s always been one of the most passive aggressive athletes in the league ever since setting foot on an NBA hardwood.

James always thinks he knows what best for the team and will try to go over his coach and even the team’s front office. He always wants to call the plays, and he can get really annoying when he’s fired up following a blow out during timeouts. Just to be honest, half the league craves the possibility of playing with him, while the other half just thinks he’s a whiny and spoiled player.

2. Isaiah Thomas


Isaiah Thomas and LeBron James in the same locker room again? That’s a no-go, I believe. As a matter of fact, even Thomas’ agent took a shot at LeBron when his client was dealt away to the Los Angeles Lakers not so long ago.

It was pretty clear that there was some bad blood between the two of them since day one, and the fact that Thomas didn’t hesitate to call out his teammates with the media every time he had the chance to do so didn’t do much to change this situation. Also, Thomas believes he’s way better than he actually is, and his overconfidence and ball hogging isn’t going to get him many friends in the league.

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1. Jared Dudley

jared dudley

The fact that Jared Dudley’s still a part of an NBA roster is something quite amazing. You may believe the veteran is a hell of a leader and teammate and his presence may be essential for any locker room, but the evidence says otherwise.

Truth to be told, Dudley has made a name for himself for constantly taking shots at his teammates and other players rather for his actual basketball skills, which are, up to this point of his career, pretty much nonexistent.