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Should The Pacers Trade Paul George?

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The NBA’s most disappointing team is the Indiana Pacers. The Pacers are the definition of an inconsistency. They are sitting at the 9th seed, with an underwhelming 15–17 record.

They were supposed to be the future just a couple years ago, after battling Miami for the finals spot. Now, they’re the 9 seed… while Toronto has taken the spot they were supposed to have. Before the season started, Indiana seemed like a for sure top 3 seed in the Eastern Conference. They added former Atlanta Hawk point guard Jeff Teague to the team and signed Al Jefferson to deepen the rotation. Teague is averaging 15.6 PPG and shooting a career low, 29% from the 3PT line. Those key additions haven’t seemed to pan out.

They are just going in the completely wrong direction to start their season. After a long 3 days of rest, this inconsistent team lost to a Bulls team that just played the night before. After the loss, Paul George went on and said: “we’re the little brothers of the league.” It’s time for a change in Indiana.

Paul George needs to step up and play like a superstar night in and night out. He’s currently averaging just 21.4 PPG, and shooting 44.1%, with 6.8 REB, and 3.4 AST. George, being the best player on the team, should have stats way better than that.

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Not only has the superstar of the team been underperforming, but that team as a whole has just been hard to watch. They’re ranked 16th in PPG and ranked 20th in opponents PPG. Numbers don’t lie, and the Pacers are leaving their fans with 2 questions big questions.

Should the Pacers trade Paul George for the future? Or should they get another superstar to play with him?

They should get a superstar to play alongside with Paul George, not trade him. In particular, Pacers should get a superstar SG, or a dominate center and move Myles Turner to the PF position. With the Ellis injury, the Pacers have a big hole to fill in the SG spot.

Having two superstars on the team can turn the fans’ nightmares, into sweet dreams. George wouldn’t have to worry about doing everything himself and could space the court up a lot for him. Not only will they have 2 superstars, but they could have their own big 3 if you include Myles Turner. Having another superstar on the team will bring out PG-13’s maximum talent on the court and change the opponents’ game plan.

Every team's game plan is to stop Paul George, and another superstar might make the Pacers not as predictable. Indiana will forever be just an average team in the NBA if they cannot get some help.


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