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Road to the Championship: Carmelo to Cleveland?

Carmelo Anthony Cleveland Cavaliers

On February 21, 2011 the Denver Nuggets made big headlines by trading away their biggest star, Carmelo Kyam Anthony. It was considered a big step back for the Nuggets, who had been a respectable team for several years. New York, however, was ready to join the elite... or so, that’s what everyone thought.

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What really ended up happening, is a bunch of disappointing and pointless seasons for the Knicks, and for Melo (who is in his 14th year in the NBA). To put it simply, the last 14 years (and counting) has just been one big letdown for a team that was supposed to have won a long time ago already.

Carmelo did say he wants to be in New York. And he DID just re-sign a massive contract extension after a chance to join the Bulls in 2014. But you can’t help but wonder if he still feels like grinding through another pointless and disappointing season. You can’t help but wonder if the Knicks, and Melo, are starting to feel like they need to go their separate ways.

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The same might be happening for the Cavs, believe it or not. Kevin Love has been more aggressive ad the Cavaliers have looked great, but K-Love might be tired of being third fiddle. The Cavs' are the champs, and they have played very well to start the season. But they barely changed a thing from last year, and the roster is practically the same. And by all accounts, teams who don’t change anything usually don’t get better.

If the Cavs feel like they need to make a change to beat the new “super team” in Oakland (who is heating up fast, by the way), then they could decide to make some changes.

A Kevin Love for Carmelo Anthony trade might actually be a possibility. I mean, both teams could want a change. For different reasons, of course, but change is change. Both players make the same amount of money.

So why not? If Porzingis slides to the Center spot, and Love starts at PF, that could be a SCARY frontcourt. And if the Knicks can somehow add a draft pick or two from Cleveland (who obviously won't be needing it), they could be primed for a huge upswing. Not to mention the Love is years younger than Carmelo. They could get more years out of Love.

On the Cavs, their offense would be nearly unstoppable. And on defense, they wouldn't take much of a hit because Love wasn’t very good in that department anyway. It would be an absolute terror and would allow the Cavs to better compete with the offensive firepower the Warriors bring to the table.

It sounds weird, and it would surely look weird. But trading Love and Melo would work for both sides. Sure, the trade is probably very unlikely. But since when has the unlikely been impossible?


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