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Ricky Rubio in Sacramento Kings?


It's quiet time right now. National teams are playing in Rio. Team USA just went to the Final beating their old rival. They will play against Serbia and it will be a devilishly difficult match for the USA. Serbia is so underrated and I expect match on one ball, even win for Serbia. Still, the USA is favorite.

Returning to the NBA. There wasn't any big news lately. Nerlens Noel was connecting to the Boston Celtics. JR Smith too. And that's it. Typical offseason. But, one rumor happened in recent time. Ricky Rubio going to the Sacramento Kings. Very interesting. Although, Timberwolves owner said that Ricky Rubio will start the season in the Minnesota, it doesn't stop this trade to happen after the beginning of the season.

Adding Rubio to the Kings roster will be great because they wouldn't feel any negatives of Rondo's departure. Rubio is a perfect replacement for him. Great vision and passing and poor shooting. Just like Rondo. They have Darren Collison and Garrett Temple, which isn't enough if you want to tank whole season. That would be probably the weakest PG spot in whole NBA. Sacramento Kings are so desperate for the playoff and with this point guards on their roster, they wouldn't see the playoff for the decades.

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On the other side, Minnesota would get over this trade easily. They have Zach LaVine and Kris Dunn at point guard position. They can replace Rubio with no problem. And plus they will get something. What will they get isn't known yet, but there are some speculations saying that they will trade firstly Rudy Gay. That's not surprising as he was connected to many teams this summer. He is probably leaving Sacramento soon.

Imagine this trade to happen. That would make Kings the playoff contender, but they will become a normal team. Losing Gay is very bad for them, but if he wants to leave and they want him to leave, separation is the best solution.