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REPORT: Multiple Teams In Pursuit Of D'Angelo Russell Trade


With the 2017 NBA Draft Lottery order being released just hours ago, laker fans all around the world were finally able to take a big sigh of relief. Lucking out with the number 2 pick in the upcoming draft, L.A. gets to pick second for the third straight year.

For the Lakers, things were supposed to calm down until the Free-Agency period began. But now, however, reports of a potential trade for their biggest young star, D'Angelo Russell, seem to be firing things up.

In a report by Sports Illustrated, multiple teams have began looking at D'Angelo Russell in possible trade offers to Magic Johnson and the Lakers. Whether or not any of those trades will be taken seriously by the organization is yet to be seen, but no doubt some inciting offers will force the Lakers to at least think about a potential move.

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Even without D'Angelo, the Lakers would still have Ingram, Randle, Clarkson, Nance Jr, and whoever they select next month (Lonzo?). Despite what Lakers' fans want to believe, there's a real chance Russell could be on the block now.

The availability of D'Lo on the trade market seems to have drastically heightened after the Lakers were guaranteed a top 2 spot in the upcoming guard heavy draft. Could the Lakers be thinking about replacing their best Point Guard for an All-Star? With their latest pick being so high, they have some room to trade away some young talent mentioned earlier.


Who knows, maybe Lonzo or Fultz would fit along nicely besides a star like Paul George. No matter what the Lakers decide this summer, it's becoming clear that they face a pivotal period for their star-studded franchise.