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Re-Drafting The Unpredictable 2010 NBA Draft

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Fadeaway World

From 1966-1984, The first overall pick was decided by a coin flip. Imagine a coin determining the future of your team. 1st pick or 2nd pick. If that were the case in 2008, either George Washington's face (heads) or a Bald Eagle (tails) would determine if you had Derrick Rose or Michael Beasley.

Despite recent class draft letdowns, there have been some incredibly remarkable draft classes. We are fortunate enough to watch a superb 2003 era, featuring Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, and LeBron James. Prior to the 2000’s, the 1996 Draft Class has been accountable for 63 All-Star appearances. Also, the historic 1984, 4 Hall of Famers in one draft: John Stockton, Charles Barkley, Hakeem Olajuwon, and of course, Michael Jordan.

Every summer in the NBA, GM’s, Coaches, and Scouts have a major decision to make depending on the needs to perfect their team.

Whether they need defense, shooting, speed, or rim protection each general manager will look to strengthen their organization to the best of their abilities. Some drafts contain loads of greatness, while others carry countless busts. This 2010 class has it all, a few superstars, multiple bench/role players, and even handful of former players.

1. Washington Wizards

Original Pick: John Wall

Redraft Pick: Paul George

A key contribution to the Wizards playoff deficiency is lack of star power and scoring. Perhaps, these issues could have been avoided had Ernie Grunfeld drafted Paul George over John Wall back in 2010.

There is no doubt that John Wall was a very rewarding pick, however, Wizards fans may ponder over how playoff runs would have differed with a contrasting star.

2. Philadelphia 76ers

Original Pick: Evan Turner

Redraft Pick: John Wall

With three superstars in DeMarcus Cousins, John Wall, and Paul George, it’s accurate to say the 76ers spoiled their second overall pick with Evan Turner. After John Wall was picked first, Phili sought a guard. Following a career year at Ohio, Turner appeared to be the most beneficial option. Posting career averages of 18.2 PPG, 8.9 APG and 3.7RPG, John Wall’s advanced skill would be utilized and valued by any NBA squad. However, in this redraft, John Wall is a clear choice.

3. New Jersey

Original Pick: Derek Favors

Redraft Pick: DeMarcus Cousins

Despite entering his eighth season with yet to play in the postseason, DeMarcus Cousins was a steal to go fifth to Sacramento. In the midst of a career season, Boogie looks to push New Orleans into the playoffs.

4. Minnesota Timberwolves

Original Pick: Wesley Johnson

Redraft Pick: Gordon Hayward

Since his rookie year, Gordon Hayward has improved his scoring and efficiency for seven straight seasons. This impressive progress would have been crucial to a developing Timberwolves team.

5. Sacramento Kings

Original Pick: DeMarcus Cousins

Redraft Pick: Eric Bledsoe

Since the 2013 season, Eric Bledsoe has emerged into a significant point guard. Bledsoe’s game is at best when he playing as a scoring guard. Entering his fifth year as a routine starter, his assist averages have never exceeded seven. Playing an essential role for Milwaukee, the Kentucky alum has proved to be the steal of the draft going 18th to Oklahoma City.

6. Golden State Warriors 

Original Pick: Ekpe Udoh

Redraft Pick: Hassan Whiteside

Hassan Whiteside’s game has seen rapid progression following two years of NBA absence. Since joining the heat in 2014, Whiteside’s had two solid years in Miami. Whiteside has shown to be a tremendous post defender and shot blocker. In the 2015 season, Whiteside led the league in sending shots back, recording a top 50 seasonal block total.

7. Detroit Pistons

Original Pick: Greg Monroe

Redraft Pick: Avery Bradley

Shadowing seven strong developing seasons in Boston, Avery Bradley has begun a new journey with Detroit. With health as his only obstacle, Bradley looks to lead a Cinderella story as the underrated Pistons make a name for their rising franchise. Bradley is a superb scorer and his confidence and shooting could value any NBA team.

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8. Los Angeles Clippers

Original Pick: Al-Farouq Aminu

Redraft Pick: Greg Monroe

Recently traded with another 2010 draft class member, Greg Monroe remains a consistent double-double threat nightly. After a few impressive seasons in Detroit, Monroe looks to help his new Suns organization alongside rising star Devin Booker.

9. Utah Jazz 

Original Pick: Gordon Hayward

Redraft Pick: Al-Farouq Aminu

Al-Farouq Aminu has been a useful role player to the four NBA teams he’s been a part of. Currently, with the Trail Blazers, Aminu is averaging a career-high in blocks, rebounds, free throw and three-point percentage. As a frequent starter when healthy, Aminu plays well to complement the guard star power on his team in Damian Lillard and C.J. Mccollum.

10. Indiana Pacers 

Original Pick: Paul George

Redraft Pick: Derek Favors

Derrick Favors is now playing in his eighth season in Utah and still thriving as one of their leaders. Favors currently ranks top three on his team for blocks, rebounds, points, and player efficiency rating. In what looks to be the downfall of his career, Favors remains productive as his Jazz tumble at the bottom of their division.

11. New Orleans Hornets

Original Pick: Cole Aldrich

Redraft Pick: Patrick Patterson

Regardless of being a role player, Patrick Patterson’s impact has been indispensable to his team's success. During 2013-2017, Patterson’s defense, shooting and basketball IQ helped the Raptors in a four-year playoff stretch. Currently, being apart of the debacle in Oklahoma, Patterson’s impact could benefit a lost chemistry-lacking Thunder team.

12. Memphis Grizzlies

Original Pick: Xavier Henry

Redraft Pick: Lance Stephenson

Besides rarely being seen as an impact player, Stephenson’s game peaked when his Pacers became a threat to a dominating Miami dynasty. Since 2014, his game has been very streaky. However, with plenty of experience, Stephenson's leadership and knowledge will be display as the Pacers have sprung into top ranks in the Eastern Conference.

13. Toronto Raptors

Original Pick: Ed Davis

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Redraft Pick: Ed Davis

Ed Davis was drafted by the Toronto Raptors where he had his greatest scoring season. Since then, he’s played for the Grizzlies, Lakers, and is now with Portland. Coming off the bench, Davis averages 7 boards and 5 points. Ed Davis’s bench production is extremely valuable to a guard dominant Trail Blazers team.

15. Houston Rockets 

Original Pick: Patrick Patterson

Redraft Pick: Greivis Vasquez 

After joining his sixth team, the Venezuelan shooter from Maryland was cut from the Brooklyn Nets organization. As far as we know, Vasquez has retired from NBA. He was a great shooter who finished with 412 career threes and a solid 35% from beyond the arc. He often excelled at creating space and knocking down the catch and shoot from distance.

14. Milwaukee Bucks

Original Pick: Larry Sanders

Redraft Pick: Larry Sanders

As Sanders began his career with two rough years in Milwaukee, he elevated his game immeasurably the following season. According to basketball reference, Sanders finished in 7th place in the defensive player of the year award. Since then, Larry Sanders completed his career in Cleveland. Shortly after joining, the team and Sanders parted ways.

15. Minnesota Timberwolves 

Original Pick: Luke Babbitt

Redraft Pick: Landry Fields

Completing five NBA seasons in New York and Toronto, Fields now works as a scout for San Antonio Spurs. During his career, Fields flourished when rebounding and knowing when to shoot. For a career, he shot 47% from the field, 33% from three, 66% from the stripe.

16. Chicago Bulls

Original Pick: Kevin Seraphin

Redraft Pick: Quincy Pondexter

After two successful knee surgeries, Quincy Pondexter is attempting to work his way back into a routine role on the Bulls. From 2011-2014, Pondexter strung together four hearty seasons in Memphis Grizzlies organization. Since then, injuries have been rough obstacles that removed over two entire seasons from Pondexter’s career.

17. Oklahoma City Thunder

Original Pick: Eric Bledsoe

Redraft Pick: Ish Smith

Seven years in, Ish Smith remains a strong valuable backup point guard option throughout all the 11 teams he’s been a part of. Smith is a very athletic guard who has excellent court vision. Ish’s basketball IQ helps him judge and take high percentage shots, and also find the best play every time running down the court. This quality is extremely rare in a shot-hungry league.

18. Boston Celtics

Original Pick: Avery Bradley

Redraft Pick: Nemanja Bjelica

After five years of being drafted, in 2015 Nemanja Bjelica made his NBA debut as a Timberwolf. Since hiring Tom Thibodeau, Bjelica and all other non-starters have struggled for minutes. Despite not being found in the “NBA 3 Point Statistics” Bjelica shoots a tremendous 48% from the three-point line this season. The reasoning behind his name not being shown is: ESPN activates a filter which only allows shooters to be placed in a category if projected to make 82 three-pointers. Either without this filter or without such limited playing time, Bjelica’s worth be far more identified and valued.

20. San Antonio Spurs 

Original Pick: James Anderson

Redraft Pick: Wesley Johnson

Despite minuscule production throughout his NBA career, Wesley Johnson is having a bounce-back season averaging more points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks from last year. Now being a backup player in his 30’s, Johnson’s experience and leadership are solitary aspects he can use to enhance his teammates.

21. Oklahoma City Thunder

Original Pick: Craig Brackins

Redraft Pick: Trevor Booker

Booker is known for his strength in the low post. Given much strength of forwards at the time, Booker was not needed for the teams he was projected to end up on. Now playing the forward heavy 76ers, Booker’s minutes have decreased tremendously over the years.

22. Portland Trail Blazers 

Original Pick: Elliot Williams

Redraft Pick: Jordan Crawford

Crawford played only 6 seasons in the NBA, but he still had a good stat line with 12.3 points, 2.5 rebounds and 3.2 assists per game.

In the last 4 seasons, he played only 21 games so maybe Europe will be the bes destination for him.

23. Minnesota Timberwolves

Original Pick: Trevor Booker

Redraft Pick: Jeremy Evans

Evans is known for his tremendous athleticism. After winning the 2012 Dunk Contest his fame grew phenomenally. As a player, Jeremy Evans scoring was never impressive. However, given the limited amounts of playing time he had, Evans displayed quality value and efficiency for someone drafted 55th overall, and given 10 minutes a game.

24. Atlanta Hawks

Original Pick: Damion James

Redraft Pick: Luke Babbitt

Luke Babbitt is now playing for his fourth NBA team on the Atlanta Hawks. His career three-point percentage sitting at 41% is an impactful aspect and a leading cause of the Hawks signing him. Despite averaging 18 minutes per game this season, Babbitt has only played a total of 14 minutes in his past 5 games.

25. Memphis Grizzlies

Original Pick: Dominique Jones

Redraft Pick: Kevin Seraphin

Prior to being waived by Indiana this past summer, Seraphin’s numbers were only acceptable due to the restricted minutes he’d receive. However, Seraphin produced a decent stat line when given more minutes. Currently, the French big man plays in the EuroLeague, looking to make an NBA comeback.

26. Oklahoma City Thunder

Original Pick: Quincy Pondexter

Redraft Pick: Cole Aldrich

Although Aldrich has never been viewed as a necessity for a franchise, his basketball IG and defense in the 2015-16 playoffs with the Clippers were the peak of his career. Besides his years in LA, last season Aldrich was a frequently used bench asset. In his inaugural season with his hometown Timberwolves, Aldrich shot 52% and played in 62 games off the bench.

27. New Jersey Nets 

Original Pick: Jordan Crawford

Redraft Pick: Donald Sloan

Donald Sloan was found on the bench of several teams throughout his brief five-year career. Throughout those years in Atlanta, New Orleans, Cleveland, Indiana, and Brooklyn, Sloan averaged 5.5 Points Per Game, 3,0 Assists Per Game, 2.1 Rebounds per Game.

28. Memphis Grizzlies 

Original Pick: Greivis Vásquez

Redraft Pick: Xavier Henry

Xavier Henry is another example of injuries jeopardizing an NBA career. At Kansas, the former Jayhawk was known for driving hard to the line. Oftentimes, guard injuries tend to come from driving into the low post which was Henry’s bread and butter. Unfortunately, this play style would be fatal to his time in the league.

29. Orlando Magic

Original Pick: Daniel Orton

Redraft Pick: James Anderson

After his Oklahoma State lights out shooting days, James Anderson’s shot struggled all throughout his NBA career. While posting atrocious scoring numbers, it was Anderson’s defense and lateral quickness that kept him in the league until 2016. Throughout his career, Anderson averaged 17.5 minutes a game, posting 5.8 Points per Game,1.2 Assists per Game, and 2.3 Rebound per Game.

30. Washington Wizards

Original Pick: Lazar Hayward

Redraft Pick: Ekpe Udoh

Udoh was drafted sixth by Golden State in 2010. The Warriors were looking for a shot blocking big who can score. Ekpe Udoh never lived up to the sixth overall draft expectations as he averages 3.8 Points per Game and 1.2 Blocks per Game for his career.