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Ranking the Top 10 Impossible NBA Performances

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You need to be incredibly talented, skilled, disciplined and lucky just to be able to have the chance to have your name on an NBA jersey and play as much as a single minute in the best league in competitive basketball and one of the biggest shows in worldwide sports.

Nonetheless, thousands and thousands of players go through history without leaving any single kind of fingerprint throughout their entire careers, being forgotten and not doing nothing remarkable that could keep their name written in the history books of this beautiful sport.

So, in order to be remembered and leave their legacy in the National Basketball Association, some of the best athletes this world has ever seen have had to achieve incredible milestones that may never be emulated and that guarantees them a spot in basketball heaven for all eternity.

Today, we’re set to honor 10 crazy milestones that may take forever to overcome, and even if somebody manages to do something even more impressive, these guys deserve all the credit they can get for what they did.

10. LeBron James’s 25 Points In A Row

Back then during his first Cleveland Cavaliers stint, LeBron James was having none of the Pistons’ trash talk, leading the Cavaliers through a double-overtime thriller in the 2007 Eastern Conference Finals, scoring 25 points in a row for the Ohio team en route to their the Finals where the Spurs would eventually sweep them.

Nevertheless, those 25 points on 11-13 from the floor have to be one of the most impressive things in the history of this game.

9. Reggie Miller’s 8 Points In 9 Seconds

Reggie Miller’s always been known for being one of the most versatile and prolific scorers in the history of the game, but also but how he constantly killed every single ounce of joy in any New York Knicks fan’s heart.

Miller’s most memorable performance has to be the time when he scored 8 points in 8.9 secs in Madison Square Garden to take an upset win on the road and seal one of the fiercest rallies this game has ever seen after the Knicks were up 105-99 with just over 15 seconds to go.

8. Tracy McGrady’s 13 Points In 33 seconds

Tracy McGrady didn't win an NBA Championship through his career, but it was this kind of performances that granted him a spot in the Hall of Fame, making something even more impressive than what Miller had done over a decade before.

See, the San Antonio Spurs were leading and had the game pretty much in the bag, but that was until McGrady single-handedly led the Rockets with 1 steal, 4 three-pointers, and 1 free throw to complete a four-point play, proving that he was still one of the best scorers in the game.

7. Stephen Curry’s 402 Threes Made In One Season

Before Stephen Curry’s surge, the leading three-pointer list was always led by either Ray Allen or Reggie Miller in pretty much every single record regarding this matter, but when the Golden State Warriors point guard finally blossomed as a scorer, he completely shattered even his own records.

Curry holds the 3rd spot for most three-pointers made in one season with 286, as well as the 2nd place with 324 and of course, the 1st spot with the 402 shots from beyond the arc he netted through the 2015-16 season.

6. Klay Thompson’s 37 Points In A Quarter

Now, it’s time to talk about the other splash brother, Klay Thompson. See, Klay’s one of the best pure shooters in the league and being as streaky as he is, it’s just a matter of time before he gets extremely hot. And that’s exactly what happened in the 3rd quarter against the Sacramento Kings, where he shot a perfect 13 from 13 with 9 three-pointers en route to the most points ever scored in a quarter in the NBA, but what’s most impressive is the fact that at least half his shots were pretty well defended and were pretty much heat checks, but there simply was no stopping Klay.

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5. Scott Skiles’ 30 Assists In One Game

This one definitely has to be one of the most impressive milestones ever, as some teams don’t even manage to get 30 assists in two games combined, and Scott Skiles managed to pull it off in just one game, completely destroying a pretty much defenseless Denver Nuggets team that had absolutely no answer and was exhausted after several hard games.

Skiles was just pushing the pace and constantly finding the open man, leading the Orlando Magic in one of the sickest performances ever, and a record that not even Chris Paul will be able to break. You’re up, Lonzo!

4. Hakeem Olajuwon’s 29/18/10/11 Quadruple Double

Just to get a quadruple-double is one of the most difficult milestones to achieve in the NBA, as only 4 players have been able to do so through history: Nate Thurmond, Alvin Robertson, David Robinson and Hakeem in a couple of occasions.

Hakeem was always a stat sheet stuffer with his ability to own the glass, swat shots and score with great ease as well as being a very willing and capable passer, entering history with that historic 29 point, 18 rebound, 10 assists and 11 blocks night in March 3rd 1990, where he completely destroyed the Golden State Warriors pretty much single-handed.

3. Kobe Bryant’s 81-Point Game

Love it or hate it, you just can’t deny Kobe’s impact when he enters his Mamba Mentality zone, and the Toronto Raptors had absolutely no answer for him back then in 2006, as he racked up 81 points en route to a 122-104 win in Canada.

Kobe was completely unstoppable, especially in the 2nd half, where he scored 55 points and was just lights out from everywhere on the floor. Finishing through contact, scoring from deep or just attacking the rim, Kobe was pretty close to break Wilt Chamberlain’s record.

2. Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-Point Game

Way way waaaaay back then in 1962 when he was still a member of the Philadelphia Warriors, Wilt Chamberlain had what could be considered the best individual performance in the history of the game, scoring 100 points against the New York Knicks in a 169-147 victory.

Chamberlain also broke 5 different records in that very same game and put his name in history as maybe the most dominant player in the history of the game. Of course, the way basketball was played was really different back then.

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1. Michael Jordan’s 6 for 6 In NBA Finals

Some people say that Bill Russell or LeBron James are the best players in the history of basketball, but truth to be told, you just can’t overlook the fact that Michael Jordan never lost a single NBA Finals matchup and was the ultimate leader of the team from day one.

Jordan’s impact on the game goes far beyond this, but going perfect in the finals as the team’s go-to-guy is something that may not ever happen again. Jordan was the emotional leader, a lockdown defender and the fiercest scorer in this game’s history, and that’s why he’s always number 1 on our list.