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Rajon Rondo: Top 3 Destinations


After the season in the Sacramento Kings, when he had 11.7 per game and averaging a solid 11.9 points, but without an NBA Playoffs, Rajon Rondo is now a free agent.

Which teams are the best fits for point guard Rajon Rondo in 2016 NBA Free Agency?

He was one of the best point guards in the NBA, but after the Boston Celtics, he had a disastrous season in the Dallas Mavericks.

The last season was great for Rajon Rondo. He played with the best center in the league, and he remained us how good is real Rajon Rondo.

The former NBA champion is now a free agent and he has a few offers, but he is 30 years old and maybe this is his last good contract in the league.

Many teams will try to offer him a contract around 15 M per year, because of his reputation, but this Free Agency 2016 is crazy, so I will not surprise if see an offer like 80 M for 4 years.

Recently, Jeremy Lin signed with the Brooklyn Nets: three-years, $36M. Also, Conley signed with Memphis Grizzlies - 153 M for 5 years.

Rajon Rondo is a better player than Jeremy Lin, but I don't think so that he will sign for Brooklyn Nets. Also, Memphis will secure Conley and they will not offer Rondo a good deal.

At this moment, Rajon Rondo is an underrated player and I will be more than happy if Los Angeles trade D'Angelo Russell and Dion Waiters (sign and trade) + future 1st round pick for DeMarcus Cousins. And if they can sign Rajon Rondo, the Los Angeles Lakers could have: R. Rondo, J. Clarkson, B. Ingram, J. Randle and DeMarcus Cousins. It is a perfect roster for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Recently, the Lakers had two not so good moves with Luol Deng and Timofey Mozgov.

But, we are talking about Rajon Rondo, not about the Los Angeles Lakers. :)

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The Kings will not bring back Rajon Rondo, as they will promote Darren Collison to starting point guard and search for his backup.

He has a few very good options and I will list them.

Chicago Bulls

The Bulls recently traded "face of the franchise" Derrick Rose and they now have an available spot for the starting point guard. Jimmy Butler is the top 5 two-way players in the league. Rajon Rondo knows how to play defense with fire in the eyes, and with Butler, the Bulls could have top 5 backcourts in the league.

Chicago Bulls have space and if they trade Taj Gibson and Jose Calderon, they could sign Rajon Rondo and Harrison Barnes. Hm, that is a great starting lineup... but they made a stupid move with Robin Lopez. Now they can't sign Horford, and he is a better player than everyone else on the list (center), excluding the G.O.A.T. - Timofey Mozgov.

Houston Rockets

After Dwight Howard has reached agreement on a three-year, $70.5 million with the Atlanta Hawks, Houston Rockets have only James Harden. Just imagine the starting lineup: Rajon Rondo and Trevor Ariza playing defense, and Rondo using pick n roll and assist after the cut to James Harden.

That squad would be very interesting to watch, but both Harden and Rondo are not so good to build the chemistry in the locker room.

Atlanta Hawks

After Howard signed, they have Paul Millsap there. With Rajon Rondo and Kyle Korver, they could have a very mixed lineup on the court.

Rajon Rondo is an unselfish player and he knows how to feed the big men like Howard and Millsap.

He can use pick & roll with Howard and finish with the alley-oop or he can use with Millsap pick & pop - all day long.

I really would like to watch together Howard and Rondo. Dwight didn't play with a good point guard since the Orlando Magic. Ok folks, Steve Nash was too old and Kobe Bryant had a ball in his hands. I'm talking about pick & roll actions, where Howard could use his body to score. And with a very intelligent Rondo, he will have space in the post.

The Conclusion

Rajon Rondo has very interesting options. He can select Chicago Bulls or Atlanta Hawks or he can take a risk and play with James Harden and Houston Rockets.

What do you think, where he will be next season?