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Only 4 Players This Season Will Achieve What Michael Jordan Did At Age 39

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There's no doubt that Michael Jordan achieved ridiculous things throughout his illustrious career. All you have to do is look at his bevy of accolades, gaudy career numbers and insane statistical feats to confirm it.

Most of the damage Jordan did to the rest of the NBA was done while he was wearing a Chicago Bulls jersey, as his stint in Washington after his second retirement was on a level below his Bulls days understandably, even if he was one of the most productive players on the Wizards roster.

But MJ did manage to rack up some sweet numbers while in Washington -- mostly revolving around the age he managed to accomplish certain point milestones -- and players today are struggling to match what Jordan did 17 years ago, even if they're a little under 20 years his junior.

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At age 39 -- Jordan's final year in the NBA -- MJ managed to play all 82 games of the Wizards' 2002-2003 campaig, and average at least 20 points per game while doing so. Pretty impressive right?

It only gets more impressive when you learn there are only four players in the league this season who are on pace to do the same if they play in the final game of the season for their respective teams: LeBron James (27.7), Khris Middleton (20.3), Bradley Beal (22.8), and Karl-Anthony Towns (21.2).

Out of these four players, LeBron is the oldest at 33, while Towns is the youngest at 22.

If anything, the fact that only four players today are capable of having both the scoring ability and durability of a 39-year-old Michael Jordan speaks wonders of Jordan's greatness.