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Old Man Riverwalk continues to flow

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After the victory over Celtics, San Antonio beats Knicks 94-84.

Indivisible friends Timmy D and Spurs achieved 954 victories in the past 19 years.

For Timmy, that was just enough to skip Jazz's John Stockton (953 victories) and become a player with most wins with one team.

Probably just another broken record in the row for one of the best player in the NBA History.

Amazing is that Old Man Riverwalk continues to flow with such enjoyment. Almost 40 years old ran with Boston's youngsters around 30 minutes.

Only night after, he played against NYK 35 minutes with 16 pts, 10 rebounds, 6 assists and 2 blocks. Not to forget a +20 points (+/- stats) for Spurs while he was on the court. Two games in the row, two wins. That's our Big Fundamental.

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Just to make a few personal impressions related to the game:

Knicks' new faces - Porzingis, Grant, Williams, bring freshness and spirit. If crew from New York plays unselfish and together, they are going to be more serious and tougher than last year.

The problem against Spurs is that Anthony had a very strong and capable opponent in both directions. Leonard plays with great confidence and increasingly uses screens to create a mid-range shot or his strength to play in the post.

Also, Knicks must play with five focused and vigorous warriors on the court and seven ready to support and participate from the bench.

Kristaps Porzingis is a great addition and big potential. Soft hand, easy jump and solid movement can make him a candidate for ROY. More importantly, if he stays healthy during his career, there may be significant success.

My concern for the Spurs is that they use only 8 players in the rotation and that they need more minutes and contributions from the backcourt players.

To see what happens, continue to flow with Spurs and Old Man Riverwalk...