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NBA Rumors: 10 Players That The Cleveland Cavaliers Want This Deadline

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Fadeaway World

The Cleveland Cavaliers have lost most of their dominance from the prior three campaigns, and things are looking like quite a mess at the Quicken Loans Arena with fingers being pointed and Cleveland getting blown out.

LeBron and company are quite frustrated and the relationship between players seems broken beyond repair, not to mention the fact that coach Ty Lue looks like a guy that doesn’t know how to fix this disaster.

Cleveland dug itself quite a hole and with the team’s future up in the air, they’re going to be one of the most aggressive franchises as we head towards the trade deadline, looking for anyone that could help their playoff intentions.

So, with them being linked to pretty much every available player in the market, let’s take a look at the top 10 players that the Cleveland Cavaliers want to land before this Thursday's trade deadline.

10. Tyreke Evans


Tyreke Evans’ story is one of the most exciting for this season, with the former Rookie of the Year playing his mind out to the point the Grizzlies have actually shut him down until they get a deal done for him, as he’s one of the most pursuit players as we head the deadline, with the Celtics, Heat and Nuggets also in the mix to try and snub him.

9. Lou Williams

Lou Williams has made a career out of being one of the most explosive and gifted scorers off the bench, and he may be the offensive spark this team so desperately craves whenever LeBron James is off the court and they can’t get anything going. However, he signed a 3-year contract with the Clippers and they can't trade him next 6 months.

8. Aaron Gordon

After being their so called franchise cornerstone for the future, it seems like the Orlando Magic are quietly trying to shop Aaron Gordon, and he may draw a lot of interest from a team that just doesn’t want to jeopardize their entire future and would look with great eyes the arrival of a young man that could help right out of the gate and also help the franchise on a hypothetical LeBron’s departure.

7. DeAndre Jordan



DeAndre Jordan has been at the top of most trade rumors for the whole season, as the standout rim protector is most likely heading towards the exit door at the end of the campaign as an unrestricted free agent, so the Clippers need to move him right now. Even though it seems like Los Angeles has already shut down several big offers from Cleveland, but they’re set to keep their aggressive pursuit for the defensive-minded big man.

6. Kemba Walker

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Kemba Walker was reportedly on the trade block earlier in the season, and even though Michael Jordan showed some support for him, he did state that they wouldn’t let him go cheap. Having said that, he’d still be a major upgrade over Isaiah Thomas and considering Thomas isn’t comfortable at the Q, he wouldn’t mind leaving the team even if it’s to play for a lesser squad like Charlotte.

5. Dwight Howard

It’s been quite a long time since Dwight Howard was considered an elite big man, but he’s been quite solid for the Charlotte Hornets this season. So, if they strike out on DeAndre Jordan, they could try and make a run at Superman, considering rim protection is one of their biggest issues, and they’re extremely short-handed down low with Kevin Love injured and them not counting with Frye or Thompson.

4. Avery Bradley

Avery Bradley should be up for grabs considering he’s pretty much a lock to leave the Los Angeles Clippers this season, and he has already been linked with moves to the Thunder or the Jazz. Nonetheless, the Cavs could and should make a run at the two-way combo guard, considering they have one of the worst defenses in the entire NBA and haven’t been able to contain top-tier guards this year.

3. Julius Randle


The Los Angeles Lakers are keen to clear cap space to make a run at top-notch players this upcoming campaign, so now that they’ve got Lopez, Kuzma and Nance; Randle seems to be the most expendable asset of their frontcourt. Having said that, he could be a very nice asset for their long run, as a tweener big man with great hands, rebounding ability and a very high ceiling.

2. Jordan Clarkson

On that same page we find Jordan Clarkson, a young man that has proven to be a great combo guard off the bench, a versatile scorer, playmaker and shooter. Clarkson can definitely provide a nice spark off the bench for the Cavs, as well as being willing to commit there for the long run with Rose, Thomas and Wade pretty much likely going out of the team if LeBron also leaves.

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1. Marc Gasol


The Memphis Grizzlies have no plans of letting Marc Gasol go, but if the Cavs manage to put together a nice offer they will have to at least consider it. Gasol isn’t getting any younger but may be the missing piece they so desperately needs, as he’s a great defender and he’s able to even guard out on the perimeter, while also being a really gifted big man in the offensive end of the floor, something that should come quite handy on a hypothetical matchup against Houston or Golden State.