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NBA Playoffs 2015: Warriors VS Grizzlies

Photo Source: Nelson Chenault / USA TODAY Sports

Photo Source: Nelson Chenault / USA TODAY Sports

We have two different philosophy in this series.

The first one is about: a lot of three points; dancing on the court; crazy assists, more counter-attack, and dozen turnovers. This is the basketball freedom of movement, and you are reading about Golden State Warriors.

The second one is about: hard playoff game, the great defense like a grizzly, without three points and more pass in the paint. This is the old school basketball, and you are reading about Memphis Grizzlies.

Golden State Warriors or Memphis Grizzlies?

The Opposite of Everything. The Splash Brothers against the Grizzlies Power.

Warriors Questions

- Nobody can't stop Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. But, we are talking about FG %. If Memphis backcourt limits their field goal percentage, Warriors will have a problem.

- Draymond Green. He is the X Factor in the playoff for the Warriors. He is responsible for all invisibles categories on the court.

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- Iguodala and Barnes: They must play all-around games against the Grizzlies. Iguodala should play defense on the playoff level.

- If David Lee can play like a real David Lee, Warriors will get another big guy in the roster against Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph.

- Andrew Bogut. If he can defend the paint, Warriors will win this series.

- The bench should be productive. With the energy from the bench, they can overtake every game on the home court.

Memphis Questions

- Easy basket in the paint. Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph against Draymond Green and Andrew Bogut. We can expect here old school, hardcore basketball. Memphis will always depend on Marc Gasol performance in the playoff.

- The backcourt without Mike Conley. How far can go Nick Calathes and Beno Udrih in the offense?

- Memphis is the defense. If Tony Allen & Co. stops Warriors counter-attack, 3 points shots, they can go through the next round.

- J. Green, Vince Carter and the bench. They must help in every category. They must find a way for an adjustment when Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph are not on the court.

Fadeaway Prediction by Alonzo Warond: Warriors in 6 games.