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NBA Legend Says He Would Kneel During The National Anthem


One of today's most controversial topics in the U.S. has to be bational anthem, which has been used as a platform to protest in recent times.

NFL players has taken a special interest in the cause, as most teams are kneeling or crossing arms during the anthem. While those who kneel claim it's to bring attention to the nation's issues, some argue that it is a sign of disrespect towards the country and those who serve in it.

While a lot of NBA stars have showed thier support in favor of kneeling, one basketball legend in particular has made headlines for his stance on the issue.

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In an appearance on The Hollywood Reporter's Awards Chatter podcast on Wednesday, former Laker Kobe Bryant was asked what he would do during the anthem if he were still in the league.

The L.A. star responded with one word: "kneel."

And asked what he would say if he could speak directly to President Trump, Kobe said "Focus on serving, not leading."

With all that's going on in the country right now, things aren't always black-and-white. Sometimes, it can be hard for a person to pick sides, or say for sure what they would do if put in a particular situation.

For Bryant, however, his answer was definitive. And, even though not everyone may agree, we can all at least admit that those are some wise words by the Mamba.