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NBA Free Agency 2019: Top 5 Best Destinations For Kevin Durant

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Even though Kevin Durant and Draymond Green have publically sorted out their differences caused by that incident after that game against the Clippers, the tension in the Golden State locker room has been growing and growing. Draymond spoke about it when they won their 2nd title in a row. Being at the top is extremely hard. Everyone is focused on beating you and there is always a target on your back.

Maybe people believe that because of this tension Durant will leave GSW after this season. If the Warriors win the title Durant will probably get the Finals MVP and that will be his 3rd in a row which is truly something to behold. The last person to win 3 Finals MVPs in a row was Shaq in the early 00s. Durant would also have 3 titles which more than cements his legacy as a top 20 player all time. If he wants to be a top 15/10 player then he needs to move to another team and win a title there to prove that it wasn’t just him being backed up by the Warriors.

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If the Warriors don’t win the title this season that will be a huge letdown and I don’t think this roster can survive the fallout. In either scenario, it looks as though Durant will be moving on, the question is where to?

Here are my top 5 destinations for Kevin Durant next season.

5. Boston Celtics

The Celtics were one of the favorites to win the East this year and heavily contend for a title. They pushed the Cavs to 7 games in the Eastern Conference Finals last season, all without Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward.

This season Jayson Tatum was meant to become an almost All-Star, Jaylen Brown was also meant to improve and Hayward and Irving were meant to return with force. Sadly for Boston that hasn’t happened. The Celtics currently sit at 11-10 which has surprised everyone. Tatum hasn’t made the advances we thought he would and Jaylen Brown has actually regressed. It also looks like Gordon Hayward will need more time to return the All-Star level we saw before his leg injury.

Should this trend continue for the Celtics then they might want to make some moves to increase their star power and re-ignite their title aspirations, signing Durant next year would do just that. They would need Al Horford to decline his player option of $30 million though and I don’t see him turning down that money at his age.

4. Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers have enough cap space to sign a superstar next summer and what a move it would be if they could bring Durant to Los Angeles to play with LeBron James. The 2 best players in the world combining forces after a decade of going head to head.

Much as though I would love this to happen it appears unlikely. Durant will want to win on his own to prove his legacy, and teaming up with another superstar is not the way to go. But, per many other reports, he will join LeBron James and the LA Lakers next summer. So, we'll see what decision he will make next summer.

3. Washington Wizards

There’s nothing like playing in front of your home fans. Nothing beats home. It also helps the Wizards are currently in crisis mode and are looking for someone to help right the ship. That someone could be Durant.

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If the Wizards trade either Beal or Wall (which could well happen) then they will have enough cap space to sign Durant get their team back in the right direction. Trading Beal seems like the better option since not many people will want John Wall’s supermax contract to deal with.

2. Los Angeles Clippers

By far the surprise team of the season has been the LA Clippers. They lost CP3, Blake Griffin and DeAndre last season, and they currently sit atop the Western Conference.

Tobias Harris will be an All-Star as he playing out of his mind right now. He’s averaging 21.4 points and 8.8 rebounds a game on 52.2% from the floor and 43.2% from 3. Danilo Gallinari is balling as well as Montrezl Harrell.

The Clippers will have to pay a supermax deal to keep Harris who is a free-agent this summer. If they have enough cap space to sign Durant then the Clippers could have a real shot at winning a title next season which would utterly hilarious if Chris Paul fails to win one with Houston.

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1. New York Knicks

I really hope that Kristaps Porzingis comes back healthy from his knee injury. The 7 foot 3 unicorn is so entertaining to watch and he brought some hope to a city that is in desperate need of it. The Knicks are probably not going to play him at all his season so he gets another summer to fully rehab his leg and come back stronger.

Currently, the Knicks only have around $57 million on the books for next year and that gives them the perfect opportunity to sign Durant. If KD wants to prove to everyone that he can win by himself then New York is the perfect place to do that.

New York Knicks have the 7-16 record right now and they will play against the Bucks tomorrow. According to Canada Sports Betting, Milwaukee Bucks is a favorite, but maybe Tim Hardaway Jr can surprise everyone and lead the Knicks against Giannis Antetokoumpo and Milwaukee Bucks.

The Knicks haven’t won a title since 1973 and if Durant can win a title for them he will go as a true all-time great and everyone will forget about him leaving OKC high and dry. New York currently has a toxic atmosphere about it right now, but signing someone like Durant would cure a lot of their ills.