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NBA Free Agency 2018: Top 10 Signings We Want To See This Summer

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

This year’s regular season is coming to an end and with the playoff picture already taking a lot of shapes, we can go ahead and make our picks regarding what may or may not happen throughout the postseason.

Obviously, what goes on during the playoffs is going to take a huge toll in the team’s offseason plans, so true NBA fans need to be sure not to miss any single second of playoff action in order to keep up with the news.

There are a lot of things media and fans have speculated for a very long time regarding this offseason, mostly because it features one of the most stacked free agent classes of the last couple of years. Today, we’re going to talk you about the top 10 signings that we want to see happening this summer.

10. DeAndre Jordan - Los Angeles Clippers


There’s been a lot of speculation regarding DeAndre Jordan’s future, and the fact that he wasn’t dealt or bought out at any point of this season was a huge surprise for most of us, considering he looked like a prime trade candidate at the start of the season.

But the fact that the Clippers decided to keep Jordan amid their roster overhaul says a lot about the confidence they have in their ability to extend his stay for the long run, and it would be really nice to continue his career as the team’s franchise player.

9. Clint Capela - Houston Rockets

clint capela rockets nba

Clint Capela has quietly and fastly surged as one of the league’s elite rim protectors and rebounder and having Chris Paul and James Harden throwing lobs at him had even made him an offensive factor.

Capela has become the Rockets’ defensive anchor and a major game changer, with D’Antoni surrounding him with shooters in his prime up-tempo offense. He’s an elite roll man and he’s going to get paid a lot of money this offseason.

8. Chris Paul - Houston Rockets

chris-paul-injury-update houston

The Houston Rockets have played like the team to beat all year long, mostly thanks to Chris Paul’s arrival to share ball-handling duties with James Harden, and it would be the wisest and smartest decision for both parties to keep up with this experiment.

Paul’s hard-nosed backcourt defense as well as his elite playmaking, has been an elite complement for Harden amid his MVP campaign, and even if they strike out of the Championship this season, he should extend his stay with Houston.

7. Isaiah Thomas - Boston Celtics

Isaiah Thomas (Sad, Away)

Isaiah Thomas should just bury the hatchet, swallow his pride and go back to the Boston Celtics, even if that means staying with the team’s second unit and letting Kyrie Irving run the strings of the offense with the starters.

Thomas thrived the most under Brad Stevens’ system and his top-notch team defense even made up for IT’s defensive flaws. Also, let’s face it, he’s not going to get a max contract offer from anybody, so he should go back to the place where he at least had a lot of love from the fans.

6. Aaron Gordon - Phoenix Suns


The Orlando Magic were reportedly quietly trying to shop Aaron Gordon prior to this year’s trade deadline, so we wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t match a huge offer anybody makes for their top-tier prospect, especially considering how poorly managed this franchise is and how much they seem to like Jonathan Isaac.

Gordon already knows how to play with Elfrid Payton running the offense, while the Suns would have a major boost by pairing him with Josh Jackson, TJ Warren and Devin Booker, as well as a top 3 prospect in this years’ Draft.

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5. Julius Randle - Dallas Mavericks


Julius Randle has overpowered and out hustled pretty much every single big man he’s faced over the last couple of months and he seems keen to demonstrate he’s an elite prospect and should be paid as such.

The Dallas Mavericks are a lock to have a top-5 pick in this upcoming draft, while they’re going to get Seth Curry back and they already have Dennis Smith Jr, so pairing those young fellas with Randle is going to give him a major boost for the future, especially with Nerlens Noel likely to leave the building.

4. Dwyane Wade - Miami Heat


Dwyane Wade already stated that he’s uncertain whether he’s going to play beyond this season or not, but a deep playoff push with the Miami Heat might as well change his mind and convince him to stay for at least an extra couple of years.

Flash should ink his signature on a two-season deal with the Miami Heat, with a player option on the second season to have a well-deserved farewell tour at South Beach and retire as the franchise’s greatest player ever.

3. DeMarcus Cousins - Los Angeles Lakers


This one’s quite unlikely to happen considering the New Orleans Pelicans are a lock to try and do anything they can to keep DeMarcus Cousins on board and he was playing the best ball of his career next to Anthony Davis, but that doesn’t mean the Lakers won’t push for him.

Los Angeles would be wise to try and add Boogie to his pitch to try and lure LeBron and George, and considering Cousins is keen to play for a contending team with history and the need they have for a dominant big man, this move would help them land at least another top-notch talent.

2. Paul George - Los Angeles Lakers


It’s not a secret for anybody that the Los Angeles Lakers are keen to make a huge push for top-tier players this upcoming offseason and that they’ve been closely linked with the California native for over a season now.

George is unlikely to stay at OKC past this season unless they at least make it to the Western Conference Finals, and growing up a Lakers fan plus the great young core the team has found over the last couple of seasons, he’d be the missing piece they so desperately crave to go back to the playoffs.

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1. LeBron James - Philadelphia Sixers

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Everybody just wants to see that happen and it actually makes a lot of sense. The Sixers are already making a push for the 3rd seed in the Eastern Conference and look like a lock to rule the East for a very long time while Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid continue their growth en route to NBA stardom.

The King would be a perfect fit as Simmons’ mentor, with Covington, Saric and Redick as an elite support cast to ease his path to the NBA Finals. If this wasn’t enough, we’ve already seen Markelle Fultz come back and looking quite sharp, so it would be wise for James to just Trust the Process.